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In , Lucas’ encounter with elderly Jack reveals to him what Lucas can’t see on the surface – the rich past of each resident – and in so doing, gives Lucas the key to connecting with his Grandpop through inquiring about his childhood memories.

At times humorous, at times poignant, always heartfelt, these stories will inspire and encourage children and families who are grappling with change and illness in those they love.

But did you take an e-reader to the beach, or a paperback?

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I’ve blogged about that night and my path to publishing down near the end of this blog page. We’re lucky the publishing community in Australia is small and friendly enough to participate in these sorts of events.

Instead, the popularity of the Kindle and other e-readers has waned (remember the Nook?

) and the growth of e-book sales slowed or plateaued last year.

This year, I came prepared with two projects targeted at two different publishers. But then, I thought, there’s another 90 minutes of pitching going on here. Then I went back into the room and pitched one project to another editor and a different story back with one editor who’d rejected my first pitch. I can’t imagine publishers in London or New York offering their time so freely.

Within half an hour, I had pitched both projects and received kind, thoughtful feedback but in quick succession, two “no”s. What a wonderful school program to bring young and old together.


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