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(just for fun) - Youth Resource Network of Canada - CNC Home Page - Can Learn Interactive (HRDC): supporting Canadians in pursuit of learning/career goals - School Finder - see also Education section 3D Organic Chemistry Animations - ACD Labs: Advanced Chemistry Development, free downloads page - American Chemical Society Website: with Chem Research News searchable index - American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Structure and the Periodic Table: online textbook - CCINFOweb: with Chem Info and MSDS (for CNC users only) Chem Gate: search for NMR, IR, MS Spectra - Chemistry, a molecular approach: introductory - Chemistry at Nature.com: articles, news, podcasts - Index - Chem Tutor - General Chemistry Online: introductory college chemistry lecture guides, tutorials - Household Products Database: links to consumer brands, MSDS information - Martindale's Grad & Undergrad Centre: chem & math - Chemistry - Laboratory Technique Videos - Table of Elements, Comic Strip Style!

- Periodic Table of Videos: video clips of each element - Spark Notes chemistry study guides (Harvard) - Spectra Online: IR, MS, NMR, UV/VIS, NIR spectra - Theoretical Chemistry: a self-guided introduction for college students - utah.edu/Theory Page/Web Elements: the periodic table on the web - Tech Lib (formerly Ed IT Library) - https:// Anti-Virus Site - Bob Rankin: free tech support questions and answers - CGI Resource Index: 2000 links to CGI programs & tutorials - Dell Computer Online - Dotto Tech: Steve Dotto's award winning TV show about technology - Every File Format in the World: list - File Hot New Fonts: free fonts (formerly Font Face) - Freeware Home: free software for business, education, games, etc.- Home PC Firewall Guide: security for home computers - IEEE Computer Society Magazines - https:// Just Linux - Mac User/Mac World - Mac In Touch: for the latest Mac gossip - Mc Afee's Anti-Virus Information: software viruses - Microsoft Canada (Mississauga, Ont.) - Programmers Heaven: programming languages, development tools, downloads - Secure List: virus threats, analysis, security issues - Slashdot.org: “news for nerds” - Spark Notes: computer science study guides (Harvard) - Tech Dictionary: computer terms and technology words defined - Computer and Internet encyclopedia (Internet.com) - Whatis?

- Centre for Education Information: career & labour market info - Access - Career Consortium: with Career Directions occupational profiles - Canadian Careers: career resources - Career Directions (Canada Career Consortium) - Edge: national youth internship program - in Construction - Careers in Trades (HRDC) Canadian Apprenticeship Forum - of Occupational Titles Index - Canada - Environmental Careers Organization- Job-Hunt: jobs, career profiles, videos (U.

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id=61 The Advertising Century: 20th century advertising history, top campaigns - Ad Views: digital archive of vintage TV commercials, 1950s-1980s - Building Brands: brand management, marketing, communication - TV Ads: free classic television commercials - Awards: world's largest advertising awards, archives 1960-present - Emergence of Advertising in America 1850-1920: over 9,000 images - ICOM Network: target marketing company, Toronto - London International Advertising Awards - 19th Century Advertising History - advertising.Web Marketing Today: of Canada - Bank of Montreal - Credit Unions of BC - Universal Currency Converter: foreign exchange rate conversions - Annual Reports.com: "most complete and up-to-date online listing" - : the IT-specific encyclopedia - Canadian Internet Registration Authority - Internet Archive: use the "Way Back Machine" to view web pages of yesteryear - Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) - Telephony Magazine: Vo IP products, companies, organizations - Link Popularity - Tiny Url: create smaller addresses - Weebly: easy to use drag-and-drop option for creating a free website or blog - Wiki Etiquette (PBWiki) - Etiquette for Students Evaluating Websites - Questions to Ask (CNC Library Information Sheet) Evaluating Health Information (Medline Plus) - Internet Health Information: a tutorial from National Library of Medicine - Code of Conduct for medical and health websites (Health on the Net) - ch/HONcode/Quackwatch: health fraud, quackery, intelligent decision making - The CRAAP Test: evaluating sites - g=414315&p=2822716 User's Guide to Finding and Evaluating Health Information on the Web - Evaluation Game: WEG from BCIT - World’s Best Websites: criteria/checklist for awards - Council on Admissions & Transfer - BC Post-Secondary Application Service - https://applybc.ca/apply BC Student Student Awards & Financial Assistance: Student Awards & Financial Assistance, loan status (BC Ministry of Advanced Ed) - Justice Institute of BC - Canada Dept.(1) Search the library catalogue for books and media (2) Search online journal indexes for journal articles on your topic.Tip for searching this page: Click on a topic on the pull-down menu, or use "Edit-Find" to search by keyword e.g. The discipline of anthropology consists of four subfields: Socio-cultural anthropology; biological or physical anthropology; archaeology; and linguistics -- anything that covers all of these is annotated 'full field'; otherwise, the annotation is broken down into one of the four subfields.of Justice - Crime Solutions: research into what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, victim services(US Dept of Justice) - Resources (York University) - History: famous cases - Security Report Project at SFU: international studies on political violence, war - Interactive Investigator-Forensic Science: play a game, solve a crime – Law Enforcement Technology - pub Id=1 Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London, 1674-1834: digitized accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials, search by keyword, date, name, place, crime (e.g. whipping, hanging) - Center on Quality Policing - RCMP - US Bureau of Justice Statistics - National Criminal Justice Reference Service(US): abstracts, full-text, statistics - Net: industry news, formulas, recipes - BBC Food: recipes from BBC cooking shows - Boke of Gode Cookery: medieval food & feasts - Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks - Restaurant and Food Services Association - Chef de Cuisine: features recipes in notecard format - Cook's Thesaurus: food substitutions - Cookbook Wiki: the open source cookbook anyone can edit - Cookipedia - Creole and Cajun Recipe Page - Cooking Schools and Institutes - Epicurean Online - Epicurious: the world's greatest recipe collection - America: search for historical recipes by name, ingredient, etc.of Education - UWire: connecting college media with each other and the world - BC Courses (for CNC courses check "Institutions" page) - BC Campus (ABE, ABT, Associate, Bachelors, Library Tech) - Bob Rankin's Guide to Free Online College Courses (US, Canada) - Virtual University - Cool School: BC K-12 distance learning, free course materials, learning objects - Wide Learning (US based) - instructors BC Instructor Diploma Program (VCC) - Technology online journal - CARET Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology - org College Open Textbooks - Connexions: share learning materials - Creative Commons Search - Culturally Diverse Learners video series (Thompson Rivers U) - id=5061 Design Principles for Online Instruction - Digital Campus: podcasts, info on digital media and tv - e Learning BC - Encyclopedia of Educational Technology - Flat World Knowledge: customizable textbooks - Glogster EDU: secure site for students to create and store their work - Google "Infinite Thinking Machine" tips on using technology in the classroom - Jorum: learning to share, free course materials - Khan Academy: 3,000 educational videos, high school/college - MIT Open Course Ware: course materials, lecture notes (see sample: Biology) - edu Moodle open source courseware - OER Open Educational Resources Consortium: textbooks - Open Courseware Consortium: free courses, 200 institutions - Open Educational Resources: free to use learning content - Open Learn: free Open University course materials - Privacy Guide for faculty using 3rd party web technology (social media) in public post-secondary courses (Vancouver Island University) - Tech Know Logia: international journal of technologies in education - Logia.org/ Think Quest: online learning projects K-12 - Centre for Student Success Assignment calculator: time needed, steps involved in writing term papers - umn.edu/help/calculator/ Tutor Dude: Prince George tutoring and editing services for students - Educational Icebreakers - adulted.about.com/cs/icebreakers/ Motivating Students’ Best Work - teaching.berkeley.edu/compendium/sectionlists/sect20Multiple intelligences and instructional technology - surfaquarium.com/MI/ Power Point in the classroom - Problem based learning - edu/pbl/ Teaching tips – honolulu.hawaii.edu/intranet/committees/Fac Dev Com/guidebk/teachtip/All the Tests: IQ, EQ, Career, Health, etc.of America) - Mining - Mining jobs, Bulkley-Nechako - Mining - Northern Miner job postings and careers - Nonprofits - Work in Non Profits: jobs in nonprofit organizations - Social Services - SWAT Social Workers Action Team Canada jobs - - T-Net: technology jobs in BC - - Go2 Jobs in Tourism - Board/tabid/160/PStatus/3/Pages/10/Current Page/3/Scroll Top/497/Find/True/Default.aspx#result Salary Expert: salary information for job seekers (US/Canadian) - Note: Salary information for different careers is also available in places like Work Futures (BC) and Working in Canada All Canadian Jobs: job postings - Can Jobs: Canadian job searches - Jet: employment search engine for Canada - The search engine for new jobs in Canada: job bank and career sites directory - (Canadian job postings) - Postings: Canada's student job network - Monster.ca: Canadian job postings - Neuvoo: Canadian job searches - Plus Jobs Canada: job postings - Jobs (Canada) - Work BC - Work Futures (BC) - BC Industry Training Authority: trades, apprenticeships- in Canada (updated from Job Futures) - lang=eng&cid=1 Canadian Occupations - Work Info Net - Canada Labour Market Information - Jobs, Workers, Training, Career Exploration: Canada - What's Key in Labour Market Information for BC - Work Destinations: guide to work and relocation for regulated professions, trades in Canada - the Tests: IQ, EQ, Career, Health, etc.


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