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Magellan roadmate 760 updating maps

The necessary drivers to connect your PC are automatically installed when you install the software, except under Windows 98.

Windows 98 should recognize the Road Mate as a mass storage device.

(If Windows does not detect the Road Mate, see the Windows 98 driver document on the support page). Follow the "Read Me First" poster included in the box.

Don't even bother with other doc, some of which is confusing (the pamphlet with basic instructions for uploading map data to the Road Mate has a reference to a non-existent Road Mate 300, indicating that the ability to change data on the CF card would be locked out after 45 days.

There is no such restriction with a 500 or the 700).

To run it, press the OPTION key and select TUTORIAL.The two Road Mate models are identical, with the exception that the 700 has a 10GB internal hard drive and the 500 does not.They operate the same and differ only in how the map data is stored in the unit.To start, you plug it up to your car's lighter socket, stick the (rather kludgey) mounting prong into your air vent and you are ready to program your first destination address using the easy to understand touchscreen controls.The system comes packed with the RM700, power cable, CDROM reference manual, quick start guide, mounting device and that is all there is to it.This is a solid unit with a large, bright touch screen, great speaker, easy to use controls, and an intuitive interface.From a hardware standpoint, the major weakness is the supplied mounting bracket, which slips into a dashboard vent.The main navigation screen shows you all the key information at a glance, and the voice prompts (and tone prompts for turns) are generally timely and accurate.The "repeat" button on the top of the unit provides an update of the most recent prompt at any time.The map software is already stored on the micro hard drive ready to go!The Magellan Road Mate 500 (about 0), get latest prices (HERE), comes with a startup kit: Road Mate 500 unit, universal mount, dashboard/air vent mounting bracket, cigarette lighter power for car use, A/C adapter for home use, standard mini USB to USB cable, 128 MB pre-authorized CF card, printed doc ("Read Me First" fold out, PC application Quick Start Guide, Basic Operation Instructions Manual, extended warranty info, registration info, promotional material), documentation CD (65-page reference guide and 9 page Welcome doc which provides a good overview of the unit, but is more marketing document than anything) and 4 CD software and mapping data package.


  1. RoadMate General Description. The Magellan RoadMate 500. Please follow directions from the PC application for updating maps or software".

  2. Explore the latest Magellan Automotive Devices. TRX Family;. Reminder Please use to ensure that your RoadMate has the latest maps and software.

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