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Ms word table of contents not updating

These are the techniques I have used successfully, some of them for the past 25 years.Feel free to use this information if you think it will help you to develop your Access database.In this case it is ok to use this field to create the link between tables (example: a unique integer Part_ID).The result of this rule is that the backbone of the database is independent of the data contained in the database.

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In rare cases, the primary key field is a unique numeric identifier equivalent to an autonumber field.Table of Contents 1) Each field within a table should be dependent on the primary key field(s) and should be independent of all other fields in the table (see below).2) A field of data should only appear ONCE in a table.After you have read the information below your are then ready to see how we exercise these designs in our Access query examples.Some of the concepts and recommendations presented in this discussion are my own and may not conform to 'text book instructions'.From 2 & 3 above - There must be a one-to-one table relationship between the primary key field(s) and any other field in the table. Therefore, consider putting employee children in a separate table linked by Employee_ID.Example: SSN field has a one-to-one Access table relationship to the employee. Using field names and table names to store data is a common mistake.These table design guidelines are a requirement of a flexible and efficient database.Without these conventions the database can become bulky and difficult to support and maintain.Why this option is exclusively set to the “Data” field? Word has never had such an option, but has had an option to update links automatically. There are numerous fields a user wouldn't want to update automatically, including ASK & FILLIN fields.Some years ago, MS did change the update of some fields that previously updated automatically in the body of the document, but not all.


  1. Place tables side by side in a document using text boxes to keep them in place. If you add a table to a text box in Microsoft Word, you can position the text box wherever you want it to be on the screen.

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