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Over the last 20 years it has served as a vibrant destination for those who care deeply about all things Iranian–identity, culture, music, history, politics.

It is a place where information is openly shared, debated and celebrated.

Here are the things that have my hoax-sense buzzing: 1) The site is registered anonymously.

This, in itself, doesn't mean anything, except that anonymity is the preferred method-of-operation of hoaxers.

Now there is everything from sites based on algorithms analyzing a person's character traits to selecting a date solely based on their musical tastes.

An unlikely new player has joined the online dating game - While those who identify with this New Age package are perhaps those who would shy away from dating sites in general, Meet Mindful is actually pretty inviting in its own way.

That would add romance, and love to your adventure.

2) The site was registered in 2010, but it claims that its business has existed since 2007. However, I can't find any evidence that Atlantis ever existed before 2011.

According to the info in the WHOIS database, was only created in Jan 2011, which is a bit odd if the site supposedly existed since 2007.

Saïd Amin was born in Tehran, Iran but spent most of his childhood in Paris, France and the Washington DC area.

After graduating from Clark University in Massachusetts with a B. in International Relations, he went on to work for Fannie Mae, a Fortune 500 company.


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