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conceded that both the site rep and the woman could have been in on the gag, but noted, "if that's true, someone out there is trying really, really hard to make us believe that you can sign up to date sea captains on the internet.And that's a labor of love in itself." However, I still have my doubts.I'm guessing the entire site is a joke dreamed up by Gladis.In a world where meeting someone online is the new norm, the demand for more niche dating sites has only risen since the first online dating forum,, was created in 1995.The portfolio started with Iranian Personals and expanded to include different niche dating sites that now span the globe and connect millions of singles.Arab Lounge, Eligible Greeks, Jamaican Dating, and Hye Singles are just a few of their personals sites.2) The site was registered in 2010, but it claims that its business has existed since 2007. However, I can't find any evidence that Atlantis ever existed before 2011.According to the info in the WHOIS database, was only created in Jan 2011, which is a bit odd if the site supposedly existed since 2007.

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That would add romance, and love to your adventure.

It describes itself as "the only place for Sea Captains to connect with men and women who share a love of the ocean." Now I'm willing to believe that there are niche dating sites out there, but Sea Captain seems a little too weird to be real. These sites expressed some doubts, but overall leaned toward the site being real.

Most recently, weighed in on the matter -- and they too decided the site seemed to be real, since they managed to contact a spokesperson for the site who, in turn, connected them with a woman who claimed she had actually been on a date with a sea captain through the site.

Saïd’s passion for the Iranian community prompted him to purchase ownership of in 2012.

is the first and longest running online community for the diaspora.


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