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Diana also wore many pieces of emerald jewellery, including one necklace given to her by the Queen as a wedding present, which she famously wore as a headband.Some royal watchers have suggested Harry might choose one of the emeralds from this particular necklace to get set into a custom-made ring, surrounded by diamonds.The internet directed me to a book called by Mark Manson. I was being lead by a need to please others - while neglecting myself.Models showed me how to be me around women, and how to take the leap I had feared for so long.This would also be following in the steps of his grandfather — Prince Philip designed a square-cut ring with diamonds from a tiara of his mother’s for the Queen.Harry might also choose a ring of Princess Margaret’s (also stored in the royal vaults), which had a ruby stone surrounded by diamonds in the shape of a rosebud.My single friends told me that in this modern world of hook-up apps, sex would come easy. It takes unrelenting commitment to the cause; a right-swipe thumb of a champion; and a manic obsession with continually improving profile; all to grab the attention of a girl who may finally respond with a ‘Hiya’.

However, there is a chance this would be too similar to the Duchess of Cambridge's ring, in which case he might be inclined to choose something different.

But when it actually went down I hit a roadblock in my mind about how and what this meant after such a long time.

I decided to find out how to be the man I always wanted.

Harry has a number of impressive jewels at his disposal — including his mother’s jewellery collection and other engagement royal engagement rings, as well as something new from one of Meghan’s favourite designers.

Perhaps most likely, he would look to his mother’s jewellery, left to him and his brother William when she died.


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