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Big ol’ Disclaimer: The RP information/advice I give may or may not agree with other role-players. This guide contains helpful ideas for creating a character backstory, Starting out, and RP tips/ideas. Sadly, behavior like this does form a wall or barrier for others wanting to role-play.

Regardless, this guide is to help those wanting to learn more about role-playing and more specifically how to RP in-game. All this is offered to help folks, but feel free to use any or all of it to help with your characters. That is what some people “see” when they encounter some role-players – a defensive reaction.

OOCly, the player can do as he likes."Breaking" Lore are huge tweaks to the character's backstory that tends to generate Mary Sue/Gary Stu-like characters and often times can cause godmodding/metagaming, so avoid this path.

This includes character concepts like being a relative to major in-game lore NPCs, or role-playing a real “god” in a game.

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Hear an alarm in town, and wish to see what the deal is? Most have friends that do RP or they either chose a RP Server because they wanted to get away from “normal” servers. The “RP Police” will not break down your virtual door. Most games focus little on making sure that players know what a RP server is, and that you should follow the policies therein.

There characters know everything and can literally do no wrong. An example would be knowing a persons name or class if you have never met in character. OOC: Short for “Out Of Character”, for when the player is not playing his/her character. Storyteller: A RP designated to watch over/direct a storyline, much like old school DMing.

Also known as an "ST"In simple terms, a Backstory is the background information (history/details) of a character.

You can find more at my site, - my RP project.===========================================================Introduction to Role-Playing - This is not the norm for all RP guilds or groups, but you can get an idea if a group or individual seems skittish to new RPers. :)RP’ers can’t Raid or Pv P Role-players can indeed Raid and Pv P, it’s just not a high priority to some players. We can like to bust heads and kick bosses just like you – really. :)Backstory: The background story/history/details of a character."Bending" / "Breaking" Lore: Bending Lore is an idea or concept that pushes the "envelope" of the game's existing "canon" lore or genre, while Breaking Lore "breaks" the "envelope", which can disrupt role-playing.

People with this intent really need to get help or get a good dose of the golden rule.


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