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Literary Slovak shares significant orthographic features with Czech, as well as technical and professional terminology dating from the Czechoslovak period, but phonetic, grammatical, and vocabulary differences do exist.

Slavic language varieties tend to be closely related, and have had a large degree of mutual influence, due to the complicated ethnopolitical history of their historic ranges.

Contemporary examples of online dating examining online dating and social networking sites are examined to relook at early theories and point out how the different features and norms of the space lead to different trajectories when it comes to online dating.

An example of this principle is the assimilation rule (see below).This is reflected in the many features Slovak shares with neighboring language varieties.Standard Slovak shares high degrees of mutual intelligibility with many Slavic varieties.For example, "weekend" is spelled víkend, "software" – softvér, "gay" – gej (both not exclusively), and "quality" is spelled kvalita. It is closely related to the other West Slavic languages, primarily to Czech and Polish.Personal and geographical names from other languages using Latin alphabets keep their original spelling unless a fully Slovak form of the name exists (e.g. Slovak features some heterophonic homographs (words with identical spelling but different pronunciation and meaning), the most common examples being krásne Word order in Slovak is relatively free, since strong inflection enables the identification of grammatical roles (subject, object, predicate, etc.) regardless of word placement. Czech also influenced the language in its later development.The theoretical reasons for its success are highlighted here. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Unicode characters.Compound numerals (21, 1054) are combinations of these words formed in the same order as their mathematical symbol is written (e.g. The numerals are as follows: Some higher numbers: (200) dvesto,... Since 1 September 2009 (due to an amendment to the State Language Act 270/1995 Z.z.) a language "fundamentally intelligible with the state language" (i.e.the Czech language) may be used in contact with state offices and bodies by its native speakers, and documents written in it and issued by bodies in the Czech Republic are officially accepted.Ever since the early days of the Internet, men and women have been logging on to search for love.During this time there was much debate over whether ‘real’ relationships could be formed with ‘strangers’ online or whether instead these relationships were meaningless and potentially psychologically unhealthy.


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