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Our life dating over 50

“I know how terrifying and overwhelming this process seems at first, which is part of the reason I encourage my clients to have fun learning and experimenting with online dating.I think online dating services are a great place for the over 50 single to date, as you can find sites that are geared toward the over 50 crowd.” Here are a few of the sites that are popular with the single senior crowd: Seniors Meet Stitch AARP Datinge Harmony Match Our Time “I am happy to say I am a success story of online dating,” says Marchesani.

“Mature women entering the dating world can be their own worst enemy,” says Dating After 40 Mentor Rosalind Sedacca.“If you approach dating with the mindset that all the good men have been taken, there's no one worthwhile out there, I'm too old to attract a quality partner, I'm too heavy to find a love relationship, dating isn't worth the effort, or with any other self-defeating belief system​, you'll prove yourself to be right.” The same goes for the guys.If you keep telling yourself, “I’ll never find a woman as active as I am,” “I’m just not attracted to women my age,” or “These women are only interested in my money,” you’ve already decided you’ll never find love. “Men are attracted to women who are confident, secure and believe they're a great catch,” says Sedacca.Snap a shot outside (natural lighting is always the most flattering). “Seniors can be too trusting and are the most targeted for online dating scams known as ‘catfishing,’” says Lavelle.Try an active photo that shows you doing something you love, whether it’s hiking, gardening or sitting in your remodeled convertible with the top down. “Studies show that as you get older, your ability to decipher deceit declines.“Dating sites and apps are not meant to make choices for us,” says Linda F.Williams, MSW, Founder of Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services.“If you're not ready to go online, enroll in a class, start volunteering, or go on a singles trip to start meeting people in an un-intimidating environment.Go in with the expectation of making some new friends and you might find you'll come out with more.” Meeting someone new might require you to visit new places and try new things. Try visiting one of these places: Although it might seem intimidating, try out some of these activities solo.You may even just be interested in some casual sex with hot singles.The important thing to remember is that whatever you’re looking for, it’s YOUR choice.


  1. Feb 25, 2014. Nearly 40 percent of Americans over 50 are single, and many are looking for love online. As one site user says, "I don't want to live the last 10 years of my life alone."

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