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Overweight guys dating

Now don’t get me wrong, there are women who are specifically attracted to fat or overweight men.This could however narrow the chances for an overweight man to find a suitable partner, and it’s not the question I was asked.

3 – Be brutally honest with yourself and accept that you are responsible for everything in your life being the way that it is. Because only when you accept that you are the cause of the problems do you get to be the solution to them as well. Start to declare that you are an attractive, healthy, athletic person, and start to look for ways in which it’s true.

Even before addressing the cause of being fat/overweight and looking at ways to get an overweight man back to a healthy weight, there are still things fat men can do to be more attractive to women. However, this is never going to be as effective as combining the above techniques with treating the true cause of the issue.

In addition, treating the true cause can often auto-correct a lot of the above as well.

Let me explain…(we gotta get a little nerdy here so you can understand but I promise it’s worth it so keep reading)…

Our mind has an unconscious mechanism (which means we don’t even realise we are doing it!


  1. Mar 24, 2017. I get lots of overweight or 'fat' guys asking me how fat guys can be attractive or how fat guys can get a girlfriend. The solution isn't what you'd expect!

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