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Ovulation dating a missed miscarriage

Obviously this is different, but maybe they just figure you want to be left alone?

Or, as others said, it could've just been an oversight.

Since then she has conveiniently "forgot" a few things too!

So it maybe something like this in your case as if you were close to your boss, I don't think he would purposely not invite you. but a lot of workplaces make it a real point not to contact you at all about work stuff when you are any kind of leave.

Maybe they just accidentally forgot you and it is an honest mistake.

I would just check it out before jumping to conclusions as I know we sometimes think the worse.

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your on Maternity Leave' and I said 'so, I worked most of the year and other girls got to go in previous years'.xxx Zip Me 35DH 38DS 05/11/03 my work always forgets me in anything they do. (and it never occurred to me to want to go to an xmas do, when i'm not at work i don't even want to think about the place!) acutally that may be a reason they didn't invite you - they may feel it's intruding on your personal time... I ran into my bosses PA this afternoon, luckily I did otherwise I would still be stewing over it.If your boss is truly a friend and a confidante, just ring him up and ask! I got invited to the Admin Xmas party as well as the Units Xmas party.If you approach it in a spirit of fun, it won't seem petty at all. Mind you I only went to the Admin one due to other commitments.Mum to Olivia Caitlin, DOB 9/10/2003 am, 6lb 3oz, our "little squirt" see her at: Fair enough you are upset and feel unloved or whatever but if you really like the job and were looking forward to going back then I wouldn't burn any bridges if I were you. It is 'only' the christmas do (this is how I see it, it may be more important to you)Cheers Jo (25)Mat (25)Billy 23/03/2004 Yep I'd be damn annoyed with them. I just realised at the end of last week that no one invited me to my xmas party.One of my work colleagues visited me on Mon and so I asked her whether they had had it yet.There is a job going at the opposition which I am now tempted to take, I was offered a job there last year and declined as I am extremley loyal. they just wouldn't have remembered to let me know ... I would send an email directly to my boss asking that I be kept informed of all major changes in the office and let him know that I was disappointed that I didn't cop an invite.Cheers Teena DP 35DD Tamara 1991DS Jayden 2001DS2 Bailey May 2004 Amanda J, Ring your boss for a bit of a chat & see if it comes up.Betchya it was an oversight on your replacement's behalf but you know how silly things can get at this time of year & it was prolly an oversight.


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  4. Maternity Leave & work xmas party - posted in What Do You Think? Ok I have been stewing over this for it unreasonable for me to have expected to be invited to my work xmas party just because I am on maternity leave?

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