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Ovulation dating a missed miscarriage Chat with random straight guys

There is a job going at the opposition which I am now tempted to take, I was offered a job there last year and declined as I am extremley loyal. they just wouldn't have remembered to let me know ...

I would send an email directly to my boss asking that I be kept informed of all major changes in the office and let him know that I was disappointed that I didn't cop an invite.

*sigh* The thing is though its abit of a wake up call ...

I too put in soo many extra hours and worked up until the week before I had Sebastian (this was my choice).

If your boss is truly a friend and a confidante, just ring him up and ask! I got invited to the Admin Xmas party as well as the Units Xmas party.

I am sure it was his PA that didn't put me on the list. If so then I'd feel abit annoyed that they had forgotten you.Maybe they just accidentally forgot you and it is an honest mistake.I would just check it out before jumping to conclusions as I know we sometimes think the worse.Maternity leave and sick leave are different, obviously ...but I have been told by some HR people that it can actually be construed as harrassment if they call you when you are on sick leave, to ask you where you left a file or anything like that.Obviously this is different, but maybe they just figure you want to be left alone?Or, as others said, it could've just been an oversight.I am hurt, angry and don't feel like I am part of the team at all. My work puts a big notice up on the notice board and I have a sneaky suspicion that if I hadn't come back for one day a week a few weeks ago that no one would have bothered to ring me to let me know about it.I am due to go back to work in August next year and now I am really tossing up if I want to or not. Somehow when you go on Maternity Leave they seem to act like you have gone off to a different universe or something ... With my work I wouldn't have been intentially left out .. Is it unreasonable for me to have expected to be invited to my work xmas party just because I am on maternity leave? I am not sure I would quit though, especially as it may have been one persons oversight rather than something that they meant.I didn't finish until the middle of August and absolutley worked my butt off up until then. I wasn't invited to an awards night while on maternity leave & I have to say that I felt quite put out by it, especially as my team had won an award (an award that I had contributed to while still working).


  1. Bleeding during pregnancy can be frightening, but it doesn’t always mean you’re having a miscarriage. Here are 7 causes of bleeding during pregnancy.

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