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This is Hilton’s third child via surrogate, with a name beginning with ‘M’.The single dad also has a son, Mario Armando Lavandeira III, who is four, and another daughter Mia Alma Lavendeira, aged two.That is, despite the fact that Miley is in love with and engaged to her hot Aussie piece, Liam Hemsworth.He said, “Did the Mileybird just up and decide it was time to boucn on fiance Liam Hemsworth??However, the couple allegedly cancelled their wedding plans after Stefani’s tour flops.

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We aren’t exactly huge fans of Miley Cyrus or anything, but when she stood up for herself against gossip bully Perez Hilton, we gained some huge respect for her.

Respect, love & compassion are mandatory…this message finds you happy and healthy.” Spoken like a true adult!

But we’re still left wondering if Perez’s lies caused her any relationship drama with Liam?

You will, if your name is anything to go by, be truly loved.

Celeb gossip guru Perez Hilton is all-aboard the I-G-G-Y train, defending the Aussie rapper over taunts from K Michelle about her American rap style.


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