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Pinay hk 2015 love sex chatting

She then asks if she can ‘have a favor’ because she needs to buy shoes for school and can I give her the money for them? She just told me a few hours ago that she wasn’t coming over for money.This will happen from time to time, but more often they wait until a few days later to tell you about their ‘big problem’ and ask you to help.

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As I’m drying off she says that she needs to go home and I give her the jeepney fare.

From time to time you will get some real head scratchers though.

They will say they don’t want money, then throw out many mixed signals.

The thing is it’s not really fair to me because I would not have gone with them if they wanted me to pay.

That is the whole point of asking, to weed out the pros. In these cases I generally give them a small amount so they at least got something for their time, but not near as much as they were hoping to get.


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