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Locals call them “baby rapers” and vandalize the park at night, explains the park manager, who is himself also a sex offender.One resident holds up a sack of dead rats someone stuck in his clothes dryer. At the park’s regular group therapy sessions—one of several crucial transitional services the Palace Mobile Home Park offers—one resident, convicted for flashing, voices his frustration that a probation officer alerted his employer of his sex criminal status.“I feel I’m set up for failure every day,” he complains.Years later at the age of 13, he continued the cycle of abuse by molesting a younger child.What Pervert Park illuminates is that no matter the gravity of the individual offense—be it flashing, rape, child rape, or just being dumb enough to get nabbed in a To Catch A Predator-style online sting—the system paints all sex offenders with the same brush, and does little to stem the cycle of sexual abuse that keeps creating generation after generation of victim-abusers.“Believe it or not, I think just about all of us have a conscience, and conscience really works on you.

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More recently, an ongoing legal dispute between Jeff Shadowens, the landlord who owns Palace Mobile Home Park, and the manager of Florida Justice Transitions has thrown the future of the program into question over ,000 in allegedly unpaid rent on several trailers.“There isn’t anywhere else,” Hutchinson told ABC affiliate WFTS Tampa Bay in April.The substance tested positive for cocaine, the release said.There are over 500,000 convicted sex offenders in the United States, according to a text crawl at the start of Pervert Park, a documentary that aims to do the near-impossible for the most stigmatized of crimes: stir sympathy for child molesters and sex offenders.Anyone might find some empathy for William Fuery, a resident and program staffer who does maintenance and security work for the park as he shares his difficult history.Molested by a female babysitter as a child and raised in an abusive home, he lost his wife and baby to a drunk driver as a young man.But the most astounding and complicated testimony comes from Tracy Hutchinson, the lone female offender interviewed in the film, who describes how her sexual abuse as a girl at the hands of her father led her to an abortion at age 11 and years of unhealthy relationships as an adult.By the time she had a son of her own, she ended up sexually abusing him.Within this community of pariahs Swedish-Danish filmmakers Frida and Lasse Barkfors find a complex cast of subjects to share their stories in Pervert Park, which takes its title from the nickname locals have ascribed it over the decades.It’s no secret who lives here in rows upon rows of aging mobile homes in an unincorporated section of Pinellas County, Florida.But down in the state of Florida, 120 of them live in a uniquely supportive safe haven—a St.Petersburg trailer park run by the Florida Justice Transitions program, the rare housing outfit to actually welcome rehabilitated sex offenders into its ranks.


  1. Oct 13, 2017. News Channel 8 obtained dramatic new video of two Pinellas deputies fighting a suspect on May 25.

  2. May 18, 2016. That makes for a vast number of sex offenders living on the street, living without access to counseling and support programs, and prone to committing sex crimes again. But down in the state of Florida, 120 of them live in a uniquely supportive safe haven—a St. Petersburg trailer park run by the Florida.

  3. Jail Pinellas County Jail. Location and General Information · Inmate Services · Inmate Healthcare · How to Post Bond and Purge Child Support Back Payments · Prison Rape Elimination Act PREA · Video Visitation · Safe Harbor Jail Diversion Program and Shelter Link · Property & Evidence. HOW CAN I? DIRECTIONS.

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