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Pros and cons of dating an older man Cam4 pisces 26

My follower asked me “I met a man who is 15 years older than me. On the other hand, if you’re a young guy who’s mature, going after an older woman would be ideal for you, mentally and emotionally. If you’re young and free-spirited, you don’t want a stick-in-the-mud rolling their eyes at the walrus teeth you made out of straws at dinner.

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Age shouldn’t matter if love is there, but it can be an issue, even in a loving relationship.Some anonymous quotes from girls around campus: You’re still in college and he’s already working an adult job. There are just so many life experiences that he has gone through that you haven’t yet experienced. OK not saying all situations are creepy, but matching with an older guy on Tinder…what are his intentions? If you are with an older guy, he presumably has older friends which would mean you might be with people who are nearly 30, for example. And likewise, would he want to hang out with your friends who can’t even legally drink yet?He’s a few years older…so you would think he is trying to settle down, but then again he’s on Tinder. Some anonymous quotes from girls around campus: Ultimately, it's up to you if you want to pursue a relationship with a guy who is older than you.Put your purse away, because now you’ve got a real man he’s likely to pay.Take a ‘feminist’ stand if you will and refuse to let him, but every bottle of wine saved is a step closer to owning everything from FENTY beauty.It could work out well, or end up being just another experience in the dating world.Once you’re done playing around with fuck boys and dating total douche bags, it’s only natural for your eye to wander to an older age bracket.If he’s lived an extra 10 years longer than you, he’s likely to have the same amount of years in baggage.But if his other family isn’t a , then it’s totally cool, right?Older doesn’t always mean wiser, and they may have a lot of baggage.So perhaps they’re not anyone to learn or take advice from. One of these pros is that they are often more financially stable.


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