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In response the Order, with only 8,000 defenders, drove the Ottoman Turks away after a hard siege of several months.

After this siege, the Order founded the city of Valletta on a peninsula, and fortified it with massive stone walls, which even withstood heavy bombing during the Second World War.

As of May 2016, a ticket for one-way adult in summer is €2.00 (€1.50 in winter).

It takes approximately 40-50min to get to Valletta or Sliema.

It allows you to travel within a two-hour period including changing lines (but doesn't allow returns) until you reach your destination.

If you plan to stay and travel around Malta for one week or more the purchase of a week ticket for €21 is recommended.

Although small, Malta has a vast and rich history, with evidence for habitation going back to the Neolithic era (4th millennium B. The country boasts the world's most ancient standing buildings (the Neolithic temples), and its strategic location and good harbours in the middle of the Mediterranean have attracted Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Crusaders, the French and finally the British, with the colonial period lasting until 1964. John of Jerusalem, also known as the Knights Hospitallers and Knights of Malta, took over sovereign control of Malta in 1530, and by 1533 the Order had built a hospital at Birgu (one of the Three Cities) to care for the sick.

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Single ride fare is €2.00 (€1.50 in winter) and you can buy the ticket directly from the driver.On 1 January 2014 Malta Public Transport Services Ltd took over the bus service in Malta from Arriva, after their bus system failed in less than three years.The Malta Public Transport website can be found here.The island was awarded the George Cross for its heroic resistance during the Second World War. Malta remained in the Commonwealth of Nations when it became independent from Great Britain in 1964. Malta gained European Union membership in May 2004.Malta's climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and is similar to other Mediterranean climates. Summers are virtually guaranteed to be dry and hot. Some people have basic French, but few people can speak fluent French in Malta.Maltese is a Semitic language, though it has borrowed a substantial amount of vocabulary from the Romance languages (particularly Italian). The island's sole airport is The airport is the main hub for flag carrier Air Malta as well as a base for Ryanair with numerous flights all around Europe and the Mediterranean countries.The closest living relative of Maltese is Arabic, particularly the dialect spoken in North Africa known as Maghrebi Arabic (spoken in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria) though Maltese is written in the Latin alphabet instead of the Arabic script. The airport is also served seasonally by numerous European airlines from their respective hubs, but increasingly flights are available year-round Buses to various locations on the island (Valletta, Sliema, St.Until July 2011, one of Malta's joys was the wonderfully antiquated public bus system, consisting mainly of 1950s-era exports from Britain usually kitted up with more chintz than a Christmas tree plus icons of every saint in the Bible and then some.Since 2011, buses are modern, comfortable and all air-conditioned.Other destinations include Livorno, Salerno, Rome (Civitavecchia), Palermo, Genoa and Tunis.However, discount airlines like Ryanair, Windjet and Efly can be more convenient and the prices of their flights are often comparable to the cost of a boat trip.


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