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Real time updating google maps

An article posted on Mc Leans covered a couple of “dream jobs” one of the jobs that they covered was the Google Maps Driver.

They claim that the drivers get paid ,500 a month for 4 months.

Every one of us, at one point or another, fantasize about working as a Google driver.

Driving the only Prius in the world with the ability to picks up chicks at every intersection.

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That is, unless you work for Google under the special project’s division – you know, the one where they have the self driving cars – which, if you think about it, will eventually replace the position all together.

Shortly after you start following the poor car around, you immediately get on your phone at the next intersection and start digging for the answer: The truth is … Not even Google jobs has information about the street view positions.

Over the years, people have put up a sort of “guide” on how to get picked up by the Google Street View team.

Pier Far had the chance to talk with one of the drivers as he was doing a pass by.

According to Far, the driver of showed up to a location for a “driving job”.


  1. Feb 6, 2017. Google updated its Google Maps app for Android today, adding three new tabs that display real-time info on nearby places, traffic conditions and public transit schedules. According to the announcement, swiping up from the bottom of the Google Maps home screen will display a Places tab, a Driving tab.

  2. Live Transit Updates is a service providing real-time transit updates to users of Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile. These updates include live departure and arrival times to transit stations and service alerts.

  3. Mar 22, 2017. Google Maps will soon let users on Android and iOS share their real-time location with friends, family, and colleagues — all while trying to keep a mindful eye on privacy. When the feature rolls out “soon worldwide,” you'll be able to slide out the side menu or just tap the blue dot marking where you are and.

  4. Nov 22, 2016. Google's latest Maps update aims to help people plan outings and avoid crowds.

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