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Its not too surprising that a tale of wonder, an effort to make the world seem like an enchanted place, would emerge at this time,' Mr Poole stated. Prehistoric cave art isn't really an art movement as it is a period in mankind's artistic development.On the right is a three-toed plaster cast of a footprint made in 1988 Current Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simons said his department has not received any official reports regarding recent sightings of Lizard Man, but over the years he has participated in investigations concerning the scaly beast.The tales have been documented in a cryptozoology book titled Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster, and the fabled reptile was also mentioned in a 2014 episode of the show Ancient Aliens.‘You are talking about a small town getting national attention for it.

'I wouldn’t say there is anything to be proud about, but it put Lee County and Bishopville on the map.’Scott Poole, professor of history at the College of Charleston who wrote a book titled Monsters in America, and even took part in an expedition last month to find Lizard Man, told Daily Mail in an email Friday that in his opinion, the new photos and videos do not provide insight into the reality of the Lizard Man, but they serve as a reminder of what he called the 'cyclical appeal' of folk legend.'South Carolina has had a horrific summer with the terrorist act at Emmanuel AME.White is more rare, but it is seen at Lascaux cave.In some cases features from lost pigmentation or worn features may have been lost due to time and we will never know what the original looked like.Like we do, prehistoric people often represented their world and beliefs through visual images.Art emerged with the appearance and dispersion of homo sapiens from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and the Americas.Because the people who made these art pieces were amateurs there is evidence of their desire to show both realism and to use abstraction in an effort to make the art more portable.Paleolithic artists have five main colors at their disposal: yellow, red, brown, black and white.The former may be drawn or sculpted realistically or represented by the clever emphasis of a distinctive characteristic, such as the tusks of the mammoth or the horn of a rhinoceros.Paintings, low relief sculptures, and engravings adorned areas of caves and rock shelters where hunter-foragers lived.Drawings like maps and landscapes appeared, along with domesticated animals and more human figures.Changing styles of decorated pottery became the designer labels of successive generations of prehistoric peoples.


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