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Remote plugin died invalidating now

A novice programmer, seeking to imitate him, also began to write unstructured programs.

If any regular developer made these drastic changes in HTML with non valid tags and attributes people would not be happy with that project.

But not just because it came from the same people that gave us Wave, Gears, GWT, etc. All of those technologies had great ideas, yet were (overall) marked as failures.

I'd love to have seen this same proposal come from some random Susan/Joe on their Git Hub and see if it had been laughed off the stage for the same reasons I mentioned earlier.

I feel that Angular changes too much in HTML to be considered useful for long term projects. My ideal MVC for front end utilizes regular javascript and html tags.

At most just add data-ang-click="" something like that instead of "(click)" the latter isn't even valid HTML.


  1. The Citrix Protocol now supportsCitrix Online Plugin. Netscape died because Microsoft axe. from invalidating broad classes of patents a few weeks.

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