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Tyler began a career in modeling at the age of 14, but, after less than a year, she decided to focus on acting.

After her film debut Silent Fall (1994), she appeared in supporting roles in Empire Records (1995), Heavy (1996) and That Thing You Do! Tyler later achieved critical recognition in the leading role in Bernardo Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty (1996), playing a teenage girl visiting her deceased mother's artist friends in Italy.

It helps with everything." In November 2004, she hosted the lighting of the UNICEF Snowflake in New York City.

In October 2007, Tyler, along with her mother Bebe Buell and her grandmother Dorothea Johnson, helped launch the Emergen-C Pink energy drink, in which the event was in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month.Her performance was well received among critics; wrote: "This is the first time in which Tyler's acting is a match for her beauty (she's always been a bit forlorn).Altman helps her find some snap, but a relaxed, silly snap, as in the cartoon sound she makes when she takes a midday swig of bourbon.Bertolucci said "there was something missing in all of them".During promotion of the film, Tyler said she wanted to separate herself from the character during production: "I tried my damnedest not to think of my own situation.In 1976, Buell became unexpectedly pregnant from a brief relationship with Steven Tyler.On July 1, 1977, Buell gave birth, naming the daughter Liv Rundgren and claiming that Todd Rundgren was the biological father."It was as far as I could push myself in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally." The Washington Post, in review of the film, wrote: "Tyler gives Betty an appropriately angelic nimbus of ethereal gentleness as the one Beauty who can tame the Beast ...during their most pivotal encounters." Tyler appeared in two films released in 2011: Super and The Ledge.(1996), a movie about a fictional one-hit wonder rock band called The Wonders, following their whirlwind rise to the top of the pop charts, and just as quickly, their plunge back to obscurity.In a 2001 interview with The Guardian, she said that she initially turned down the role in Armageddon; "I really didn't want to do it at first and I turned it down a couple of times, but the biggest reason I changed my mind was because I was scared of it. I mean, I'm not really in this to do amazing things in my career – I just want it to be special when I make a movie." She was then cast in the drama Onegin (1999), a film based on the 19th century Russian novel of the same name by Alexander Pushkin, in which she portrayed Tatyana Larina and co-starred with Ralph Fiennes.


  1. Empire noted, "Liv Tyler. In 1998, Tyler began dating British musician Royston Langdon of the band Spacehog. They became engaged in February 2001.

  2. The two were engaged in 2001. "He was very romantic about it," said Tyler, speaking to 'InStyle' in 2004. "He called my dad and asked his permission, which my dad loved."

  3. Liv Tyler has been divorced from Royston Langdon since October 10, 2009. They had been married for 6.5 years. Liv Tyler is currently engaged to Dave Gardner.

  4. Liv Tyler Dating History. Relationship info powered by. The Lord of the Rings beauty has been largely single since splitting from British rocker Royston Langdon.

  5. In 2014, Tyler made her television debut on the HBO series The Leftovers in a regular

  6. And Liv Tyler shared a gorgeous image of. from her previous marriage to rocker Royston Langdon. The couple started dating in the summer after.

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