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Scientific american mind dating in a digital world

Such characteristics, as well as intelligence, grow out of set of core mental skills called executive functions.These include the ability to hold information in mind for short periods of time, to switch mental gears and—the key to social and emotional aptitude—stop ourselves from behaving badly, a mental knob that, to me, can serve to calibrate key aspects of character.Another tactic used in Mind Up involves lessons in brain anatomy, which kids seem to love and also give them a sense of control over their own minds.Hawn’s program has been wildly successful on a number of fronts.Instead of the usual content of school, students spend 80 percent of their day working individually on memory, motor, visual and problem-solving exercises, many of them computerized, designed to rewire their brain.The idea is not to teach content, but to ameliorate their disability so the kids can go back to regular school after two or three years.

Educators and psychologists are only now realizing that this is possible.Many people feel that school should be much more than stuffing a young mind with facts and instructions.It should help build brains that are ready and able to learn, and to cope with life.And these are critical traits, more critical than intelligence or how much you know, experts say, when it comes to grades and other markers of success.Meditative breathing is one way to help kids develop a sense of calm and help them hone their attention, making them ready to learn.Digital Dating Online dating was not around when I was single, but the concept always seemed brilliant to me.Looking for dates systematically on your computer, after all, provides lots of options you can evaluate quickly without the hassle of dressing up and going out, dealing with social anxiety and spending a lot of time investigating dead ends (the unavailable or dramatically unsuitable).Changing A Child’s Mind Last February, I traveled to Vancouver to explore several interesting experiments in education.At a private school called Eaton Arrowsmith, students with learning disabilities are exposed to a radically reconfigured curriculum.Developed in conjunction with psychologists, educators and neuroscientists, it has been sanctioned by the Vancouver School Board and is spreading throughout the U. Similar efforts to train social and emotional skills have also shown promise.I take readers inside classrooms to show them exactly how these programs work.


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