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Scientific american mind dating in a digital world

That said, “dating” in your PJs isn’t quite the paradise of efficiency that I had originally envisioned.

Indeed, the psychology of online dating suggests this method is in some ways, suited to finding a perfect partner.

Such characteristics, as well as intelligence, grow out of set of core mental skills called executive functions.

These include the ability to hold information in mind for short periods of time, to switch mental gears and—the key to social and emotional aptitude—stop ourselves from behaving badly, a mental knob that, to me, can serve to calibrate key aspects of character.

Many people feel that school should be much more than stuffing a young mind with facts and instructions.

It should help build brains that are ready and able to learn, and to cope with life.

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The idea is to cultivate certain fundamental skills such as self-control, focus and perseverance that psychologists have shown to be critical to success in both school and later life.

Although we have long assumed that such traits are fixed, hints are emerging that they are not.

Like math or history, concentration, grit and keeping your cool can be taught.

(See “Schools Add Workouts for Attention, Grit and Emotional Control,” by Ingrid Wickelgren.

Listen to me talk about this article on National Public Radio’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook.)A second feature describes a brain-training exercise that researchers have discovered can raise a child’s IQ (see “Scientists Design Exercises that Make You Smarter,” by John Jonides, Priti Shah, Martin Buschkuehl and Susanne M. It is the sort of exercise that might fit inside a school like Eaton Arrowsmith, but it is designed for the general population, children as well as adults.


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