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Scientific dating of ramayana

In the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called Vimanas.India's national epic, The Mahabharata, is a poem of vast length and complexity.It flew with the speed of the wind and gave forth a melodious sound (a humming noise? Ancient Indian texts on Vimanas are so numerous it would take several books to relate what they have to say.The ancient Indians themselves wrote entire flight manuals on the control of various types of Vimanas, of which there were basically four: the Shakuna Vimana, the Sundara Vimana, the Rukma Vimana and the Tripura Vimana R The following quotations from classical Sanskrit literature are chosen specifically to illustrate the appearance, nature and capabilities generally ascribed to the ancient aerial vehicles known as vimanas (pronounced "vimans") in the writings of ancient India. highly advanced ancient Indian flying machines, in Chariots Of The Gods, the first international best-seller of the controversial author Erich Von Daniken.R In supplying information about the advancements of Vedic science, the subject of Vedic airplanes, vimanas, is almost in a classification of its own.

R In various kinds of Asian and South Asian texts, we find references to flying machines and aerial vehicles.Its evident from the facts that Sir Rama was not only an Indian legend but a global phenomenon.There can be nothing more shameful than living in India and yet denigrating one of its greatest role models.The machines in category (l) are described mainly in medieval, secular Sanskrit works dealing with architecture, automata, military siege engines, and other mechanical contrivances.Those in category (2) are described in ancient works such as the Rg Veda, the Maha-bha-rata, the Rama-yana, and the Pura-nas, and they have many features reminis- cent of UFOs.Down the years I have come across several other interesting references to vimanas elsewhere, too.It wasn’t , however, until I recently received an e mail from an Indian reader of my article Ancient Astronauts, that I recalled just how very intriguing these vimanas and, indeed, many other references to space travel and fantastically advanced technology in ancient Indian texts are.Chinese and Indian stories tell of peoples or individual artisans who constructed devices for travelling through the air.R Many researchers into the UFO enigma tend to overlook a very important fact.There are no physical remains of ancient Indian aircraft technology but references to ancient flying machines are commonplace in the ancient Indian texts.Several popular ancient epics describe their use in warfare.


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