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Hard to access, but if the music was quieter, the couches would be great for other nights.

The Main Club Room was the place to go after pm and hosted most of the dancing. As opposed to bottle service (serving your own drinks is not allowed by Washington State liquor laws), they offer two options.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the choice of restaurant as to why he didn’t get a call back! It’s no wonder he called us for a Second Date Update.

Read More » After going on a blind date with his friends sister, this listener cant figure out why he isn’t getting a call back. Read More » If you went out with a guy who couldn’t pay fore dinner… and didn’t even have enough money to cover his own cell phone bill…

Big dance floor with a latin band (loud), so move to the back to isolate and run routines.

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So here’s my guide for Amber (2214 1st Avenue): Big bar/restaurant type of venue. Cheap drinks (also, food), a variety of music and couches, tables, rest-stations and bar seats galore.This place is a GREAT place to warm up and was filled with uber-nice girls.The talent was not as good, but there were one or two jaw droppers worth the trip. While, I had sarged for a year and a half in the heart of Hollywood, I had never gone to another state specifically with the intention of meeting women and I was a bit nervous. Whoever said Seattle women were cold, bitchy, and hard to approach is At one point, there were more women coming up to JT and I then we were approaching, that’s how friendly they were!EASIEST TOWN I’VE EVER DONE ANY APPROACHING- BAR NONE!Seattle is a BEAUTIFUL coastal city with some really cool bars in an area called Bell Town with a reputation for cold and drizzle.This city focuses more on bar-type social circle venues than clubs, but we managed to find a bit of both and each were filled with people just as friendly and easygoing as everyone else.People come to dance, but stay and hang out, which makes approaching VERY easy.Skill level is all over the place, so take some lessons and go to mingle. Serves food, so some will be eating, but it remains populated after the kitchen closes.Every good Seattleite has a crab pot or two up their sleeve and come July, when crabbing season opens, you will feast like a king or queen.Dungeness crabs are highly coveted for their delectable, bountiful meat.


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  2. Feb 2, 2016. It's 12 days until Valentine's Day and if you're on the hunt, there's definitely still time to find someone to spend it with! For Seattleites who have a busy schedule, recently moved to the city, or just don't meet new people in their everyday lives, dating can be tricky. That's where online dating comes in.

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