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Seattle speed dating review

A womanizing yet lovable loser, Charlie, a waiter in his early 30's who dreams of selling his book entitled "7 STEPS OF HEALING THE MALE BROKEN HEART" finds himself still working in ...See full summary » A US Senator's son (Jaime Kennedy) who attempts to forget the break up of his fiancée, is forced to vacation in Turkey by his best friends.It was much more fun than I expected." -Brooke "Very Fun and High Class! " -Paul "I strongly recommend participation in this to each single person. Hanging out at the end was an added bonus." -Andrew "I had a really great time. " -Pete "The whole experience was much better than I thought it was going to be!It's easy, no pressure, fun, and the potential is high that you will end up with a really good date." -Ryszard "After trying every possible way to meet someone, I feel speed dating is really great!! This was the first time I ever tried doing something like this and it was a truly awesome adventure. " -Nina "I wanted to let you know that on November 15th I went to the speed dating event and met someone from there. I had never done this before and I found a great guy and am very happy. " -Kristina "This should be on every singletons bucket list to do at least once! I was very apprehensive before I went, but I really enjoyed myself." -Heather "I just wanted to say thanks. " -Moira "Lots of fun and something new - every single person should try it at least once." -Tecora "Love the mini dates..much better than on-line dating!! Was worried about having enough to talk about, but conversations just flowed.The people I met where great and the whole process of picking the people you liked on the website after the fact was fun and removed any pressure or awkwardness. That being said, this event surpassed my expectations." -Mike "I'm either dreaming or this is one of the best days of my life!Mike, who I met at your event, asked me to marry him on his birthday and I said, Yes!" -Susan "The night I did speed dating I met someone very incredible. I had so much fun at tonight’s event that I look forward to future events.

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I could've marked yes for all of the attendees - it was hard to say no to any of the guys. It was my first event and he was the very first one I met too! I've been recommending Date Switch to all of my single friends.

" -Leo "A perfect, well organized, graceful event that brought together excellent singles of this age group together. This is definitely the best way to meet women that you know are actually looking to meet someone to date." -Eric "Soooo much fun! For a single person, I can not imagine a more fun, better way to put yourself out there in a fun, non-threatening environment that provides you with the opportunity to meet a ton of people, potentially get to know a few people with whom you'd like to better acquaint yourself, and gain a bit of confidence. The event was organized and the host was wonderful. After months of not finding the right one it was an amazing feeling to see such wonderful choices under one roof.

thank you organizers." -Rama "I attended Saturday night - what a blast! Thanks on behalf of us singles." -Maya "It is a fun, simple, and nice way to meet people. The women are treated as queens - once you sit, the men come to your table. Most importantly, it was, bar none, the most fun, incredible singles experience I've ever had." -Randi (I am a singles' columnist for The Examiner) "I had such a great and fun time. Highly recommended by me as someone who went through the frustrations related to online dating." -Neisha "This was a lot of fun.

Except, it is more than a parasite: it carries his DNA.

I don't know that we would have realized our connection had we "met" online. " -Megan "I am very happy to report that this experience vastly exceeded my expectations! Trying to find the time to be able to schedule "2nd dates" with all 4 of them is a wonderful problem to have. I have heard friends talk about similar events with other organizations that did not always go so well so I must admit being a bit guarded with my expectations.


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