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Visitors that complete the full list of check-ins will be eligible for a prize, which will be awarded at the Masters of the Sky event on President’s Day weekend at the National Great Rivers Museum.More information on the Foursquare contest can be found at Facebook.com/Visit Alton.The Audubon Center will also host a series of additional Saturday events in January and February as part of the Audubon Eagle Watch, including eagle meet and greets, trail walks and educational programs. “It’s a great tool for eagle watchers,” Stawar said.Visitors can also take part in eagle caching at the Eagle Watching Hot Spots.

A number of service projects will be taking place on Monday, Jan. Participants can sign up to participate in projects at The Nature Institute, The Tree House Wildlife Center, Audubon Center at Riverlands and with the Sierra Club at Clifton Terrace Park.

By the end of February, they start to go back home, though some who choose to nest in the area have been known to stay until June.

He estimates there are about 25 pairs who are residents of the area - mated for life.

The last decade or so has shown an increase in eagles in the area, as the bird that was once close to extinction continues to make a comeback.

Bird watching and feeding has become one of the top hobbies in the United States.


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