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Shania dating hockey player

Martina married her husband John Mc Bride, a sound engineer, in 1988 and the two have been together ever since.

The happily married couple has three daughters together: Delaney Katharine, Emma Justine, and Ava Rose Kathleen.

Mc Bride has made an effort to be a big part of her daughters’ lives.

It was the weirdest thing ever.” The couple has two daughters together.They were formed in 2006 and are still together, although Kelley has worked on solo material as well.Kelley married his wife Cassie Mc Connell, a music rep, first in a legal ceremony in a Nashville courthouse in June 2009, and later in a Bahamas destination wedding in July 2009.The marriage ended due to her affair with Eddie Cibrian after meeting him on set of a film they were starring in together.They later married in April 2011 in a private ceremony in California.Gary Le Vox is the lead singer of the country music group the Rascal Flatts, who have been together since 1999.Le Vox and his wife Tara Vernon have been married since 1999, and Le Vox said he knew the moment he saw her backstage at a gospel festival concert that he would marry her.They have two sons together, William Huckleberry born in 2007, and Jasper Warren, born in April 2009.which is an event held in Hollywood that is meant to honor Australians, in January 2005.Le Ann Rimes first became famous as a country singer at the age of thirteen and has been active in the industry ever since.Rimes first married backup dancer Dean Sheremet after they met at the 2001 Academy of Country Music Awards. However, they separated in 2009 and were divorced by 2010.


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