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The Saginaw Police Department is also requesting tips at (989) 791-7226.

ST PETER DAMIAN: GAY CLERGY ‘ARE DESERVING OF DEATH’ BUFFALO DIOCESE ANNOUNCES ABUSE VICTIM PAYOUTS: Follows New York, Syracuse compensation efforts LEADING NORTHERN IRISH BISHOP JOHN MCAREAVEY STEPS DOWN AMID GAY SEX ABUSE SCANDAL NEW JERSEY PRIEST ACCUSED OF GAY SEX ABUSE: Fr.Patrick Kuffner of Metuchen placed on leave HIGH-RANKING MICHIGAN PRIEST ARRESTED FOR GAY SEX ASSAULT SEX ABUSE DRIVING CANADIAN CHURCH TO BANKRUPTCY: Catholic Church in New Brunswick overburdened by clerical sex abuse suits THE SEXUAL HARASSMENT CRISIS: IS IT A THEOLOGICAL PROBLEM? THE VORTEX: HIDING GAY PRIESTS NEARLY 50 SEX ABUSE CLAIMS FILED IN NEW YORK ARCHDIOCESE THE VORTEX: HALF OF PRIESTS AND BISHOPS ARE GAY THE VORTEX: NEW YORK DOUBLES – The blockbuster insider interview! Peter Miqueli sex and embezzlement case EXCLUSIVE TELL-ALL INTERVIEW—NEW YORK CITY GAY PRIEST EMBEZZLEMENT SCANDAL WATCH—NEW YORK’S HOMOSEXUAL PRIEST MAFIA EXPOSED PRIEST CAUGHT IN GAY SEX STING PROMOTED TO HEAD OF NEW YORK ARCHDIOCESAN TV NEW YORK VICAR GENERAL LINKED TO AWOL PRIEST: Msgr. NEW YORK COVER-UP CONTINUES: Collusion between the Bronx DA and the Archdiocese of New York? – The rotten Big Apple archdiocese NEW YORK ARCHDIOCESE GAY PRIESTS LOSE PARISHIONERS AND RACK UP BILLS SECULAR PRESS PURSUES NEW YORK CORRUPTION WHEN CARDINAL DOLAN WON’T NEW YORK CATHOLICS HIT BACK AT CORRUPTION NEW YORK ARCHDIOCESE CAPITAL CAMPAIGN TO RAISE 0 MILLION Why Homosexuality is a Natural Law Issue? Greg Mustaciuolo allegedly tied to fleeing priest Msgr.It also meant there were no assistant priests to observe and report any improper relationships or behavior.” Sicoli was eventually removed from ministry after overwhelming evidence of abuse of multiple boys.In spite of being aware of one priest’s sadistic behavior towards boys (Fr.The Tittabawassee Township Police Department is asking victims to report any further information about Fr.De Land or other Saginaw clergy by calling (989) 695-9623.The 71-year-old priest, who has been in ministry for 45 years, was released on GPS tether last week, and a preliminary hearing is set for p.m. Before coming to Michigan, Cistone was auxiliary bishop in Philadelphia, where he was intimately involved in helping in the cover-up of sexually abusive priests. William Lynn, who was eventually arrested — claimed that in 1994, Cistone watched as documents were shredded containing names of suspected sex abusers, and then Cistone went on to mislead a grand jury about the cover-up.on March 19 in Judge David Hoffman’s courtroom at the Saginaw County District Court. The case involved 35 accused priests in the archdiocese of Philadelphia, with evidence that Cdl. Bevilacqua had ordered the destruction of documents containing their names.Donal Godfrey: “God is in some sense queer” PENNSYLVANIA HOMOSEXUAL ABUSE SCANDAL CROSSES STATE LINES COMPLETE COVERAGE—PENNSYLVANIA HOMOSEXUAL CLERGY COVER-UP HUNDREDS OF SEX ABUSE TIPS RECEIVED IN PENNSYLVANIA HOMOSEXUAL CLERGY COVER-UP THE VORTEX: I ANSWER ONLY TO GOD – A new culture is forming in the Church on Homosexual Clergy REV.MARTIN BOYLAN: SCRANTON PRIEST SUSPENDED PENDING INVESTIGATION ORGANIZED CRIME IN PENNSYLVANIA DIOCESE: Federal authorities seeking racketeering charges over actions of two former bishops SUPERIOR OF LAY APOSTOLATE DECLARES FOUNDER GUILTY OF SEX ABUSE: The community of Sodalitium Christianae Vitae has systemic problems Cardinal Theodore Adrien Sarr: Africans will not accept Western push for gay ‘marriage’ PENNSYLVANIA REFORMING SEX ABUSE LAW AMID HOMOSEXUAL ABUSE CRISIS: Legislators seek abolition of statute of limitations COLOMBIANS MARCH AGAINST GENDER IDEOLOGY FOLLOWING POPE FRANCIS’ COMMENTS HEAD OF US BISHOPS’ NEWS AGENCY PROMOTES LGBT ‘RIGHTS’ HEAD OF BISHOPS’ NEWS OUTFIT RESIGNS AMID CONTROVERSY: Bishops ask Tony Spence to step down after reports of pro-gay activism VATICAN BANS ARCHBISHOP JULIUSZ PAETZ FROM POLAND’S CELEBRATIONS Michael Voris’s Stunning & Admirable Broken-Hearted Confession MASCULINITY AND CATHOLICISM: True masculinity involves courage, sacrifice and love of God THE VORTEX: LIMITING GOD – We must not seek to limit God THREE FRIARS TO STAND TRIAL FOR PROTECTING HOMOSEXUAL ABUSIVE BROTHER SETTLEMENT REACHED IN PA HOMOSEXUAL BROTHER ABUSE CASE THIRD CLERIC CONVICTED IN GAY PRIEST NETWORK IN BRINDISI, ITALY Can You Be Gay and Christian?


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  2. Mar 6, 2018. Only a week before his arrest, Fr. DeLand single love dating sitethat he has a great “passion” for the youth. “A very, very, very real passion in my life are the young people, the young people,” DeLand said. “And a lot of you know that I get up very early every morning and I head over to Freeland High School.

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  4. Oct 10, 2017. Love That Lasts is the best book I have read, by far, that addresses a wide variety of topics such as being single, love, dating, and marriage. As I soon as I started reading the book, I did not want to put it down! Jeff and Alyssa Bethke were so honest, vulnerable and authentic in their writing. As as a reader.

  5. Jan 16, 2018. I am the mother of a 22 year old woman. Yes, a woman. And her name is Jaelyn. Although at times I still call her “my little girl”, she's very much a woman. She has been on her own since she was 18. She worked a full time job and kept a roof over her head and her bills paid, all while she did two internships.

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