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Instead, participants were randomly paired, except no man was paired with a taller woman.During an intermission of the dance, participants were asked to assess their date.The study also supported that some, especially men, view relationships as a marketplace.If the partnership is weak, an individual may devalue it if they have many friends of the opposite sex who are more attractive.

Photos of 197 couples in various statuses of relationship (from casually dating to married), were rated in terms of attractiveness by eight judges. The judges did not know which photographs went together within romantic partnerships.Participants viewed photos of couples who matched or did not match in physical attractiveness and completed a questionnaire.The questionnaire included ratings of how satisfied the couples appear in their current relationship, their potential marital satisfaction, how likely is it that they will break up and how likely it is that they will be good parents.Walster and Walster ran a follow up to the Computer Dance, but instead allowed participants to meet beforehand in order to give them greater chance to interact and think about their ideal qualities in a partner.The study had greater ecological validity than the original study, and the finding was that partners that were similar in terms of physical attractiveness expressed the most liking for each other – a finding that supports the matching hypothesis.He stated that good physical matches may be conducive to good relationships.The study reported that partners most similar in physical attractiveness were found to rate themselves happier and report deeper feelings of love.which suggests why people become attracted to their partner.It claims that people are more likely to form and succeed in a committed relationship with someone who is equally socially desirable.They may look at the situation as having more options present that are more appealing.At the same time, if the relationship is strong, they may value the relationship more because they are passing up on these opportunities in order to remain in the relationship.


  1. One criticism Walster assigned to the study was that the four judges who assigned the attractiveness ratings to the participants had very brief interactions with them. Longer exposure may have changed the attraction ratings. In a follow up of the experiment, it was found that couples were more likely to continue interacting if.

  2. The Married Couples Study Both members of a married couple attend 2 separate 5 hour visits, complete 3 diet records across 3 days, and get paid a total of $320 each total of $640 per couple. Recruitment for this study is currently on hold. PAST. 2 The Couples Study Both members of a dating couple attend a single.

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