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Symantec endpoint protection manager 12 1 clients not updating

To get a better picture of the current state of enterprise data protection and data loss prevention we interviewed data security experts on what matters most when securing sensitive data.To do this, we asked 34 data security experts to answer this question:"What's the #1 biggest mistake companies make when it comes to securing sensitive data?At Digital Guardian we specialize in helping businesses manage and secure various types of company data.Our top priority is helping our customers keep their sensitive data where it belongs and as secure as possible.There are three essential parts to proper protection of sensitive data.By understanding what you're trying to protect, and creating a strategy to protect each level of data appropriately, companies can adequately secure data against the threats of today.In Snowden’s case, he copied gigabytes of data to thumb drives with little challenge.

Services to businesses include franchisee royalty management, training, operations, marketing and e-commerce & POS solutions.

He has been a speaker at numerous security conferences and was a featured guest speaker a Hacker Halted Conference in Mexico City and Atlanta, GA.

The greatest security mistake organizations make is…Failing to protect their networks and data from internal threats.“Snowden” has become the buzzword for every kind of security breach. The leak was the result of a Share Point-related issue – not with the Share Point platform, but with governance decisions (i.e., who has access to what data), monitoring and oversight.

The NSA may still not be entirely sure what content was copied.

Pro-actively addressing the insider threat with appropriate security and controls would have made it easier to properly assess the damage.


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