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This is an insane duo.” Their dance showcased their amazing skills and romantic chemistry.Mary Murphy was really happy with their performance saying, “There’s nothing to hate about that number, it’s nothing but love.

“Allen chased her into the coffee shop and threw a glass vase at a woman who attempted to help the victim and attacked another man who also tried to intervene,” prosecutors said, according to the L. In addition to the year behind bars, Allen was also sentenced to five years' probation on Thursday.

Their affection for each other is borderline palpable when you see some of their routines, which was initially what sparked their dating rumors! Ishimoto does not shy away from posting pictures with Sieve, captioning photos with loving messages like, “Always winning when I’m with you.” (Which also added fuel to the fire of these relationship rumors!

) Aside from their rumored romantic relationship, Ishimoto and Sieve’s dance routines are what have people talking!

Name: Faina Savich Season: 3 Where She Is Now: Faina is currently a Judicial Intern at the New York State Supreme Court and is expected to graduate from Fordham Law School in 2014.

However, she still makes sure to keep dancing in her life and is a dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Center.


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  2. Find out what's happened to your favorite SYTYCD contestants.

  3. Thank you so much to the people who watch sytycd. You're words of encouragement mean so much to all of us! Last night will remain with me!pic.twitter.com/itJ9rWIvq3

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