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Teacher dating parent of student

I told the school this was not appropriate and I was assured that they would talk to her and there would be equal communication. There will be preferential treatment for sure, and that will isolate your child. The kiddo gets put in another classroom or the teacher goes bye-bye. And like the others have said, the child is being set up for a fall.

Since then, I have found additional photos, they are friends on facebook and now they are having "sleepover parties".while the children are there. And Julie is spot on--what happens when the little romance burns out? Preschoolers get very attached to their teachers, and if she is having sleepovers that attachment will be far greater. You've brought it to the school's attention, and they said that they would talk to her - follow up - was there a conversation? If it's out there in public, you're not the only one who's seen it, you can be sure.

When she didn’t get the hint, I finally had to say, ‘Why don’t you stick around and talk to me at lunch or let’s connect another time,’” says Sullivan. ) Turns out there are many grown-ups out there who don’t believe the rules apply to them (and we wonder where our kids get it from).

Ultimately, she ended up avoiding this parent altogether. You’re working together to give your child the best possible educational experience, not to tag each other on Facebook. Natasha Sweeny* teaches grade four at a school that has a “kiss ’n’ ride” system to help with traffic flow during drop-off.

My priority is keeping your kids safe.” Not to mention that a lot of teachers spend their summers upgrading their credentials or planning coursework.

In other words, be happy your child’s teacher is coming back re-energized and ready to focus on the year ahead. Take a chill pill While it’s good to be prepared for the school year, don’t stress over the little things. ” “She bombarded me with emails—and this was in August! “I’m a mother myself, and so I get it, but this woman showed up with three different types of glue.” Other pet peeves: * Parents who freak out over class placement.

Remember: Everything with us is ruled by bells and minutes.” Sullivan once had a parent volunteer in the classroom who insisted on debriefing after each visit.

For some reason, I just couldn’t get it together to print off a picture from my smartphone.

“I don’t work in an office,” says Sullivan, “I can’t take five minutes to breathe when I have a splitting headache.

I don’t get to go to my own kids’ school concerts or even answer the phone when their school nurse calls.

Some are borderline neurotic, obsessing over which type of glue stick will get their little one into Harvard, while others are a bit too lax, sending their kid to school in flip-flops on gym day.

While we all have the best of intentions, here are five ways to avoid aggravating your child’s teacher and get off on the right foot this school year. Save the socializing We all want to connect with our child’s teacher, but guess what? Don’t take it personally—you are indeed warm and fabulous—but she has a job to do and that job is to teach your kid. ” first thing Monday morning can throw off the entire day’s schedule.


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