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Sarcasm will almost certainly create resentment and increase the distance between you and your child.

If your child’s attitude towards you and your family doesn’t respond to any of the strategies suggested above, it might be a warning sign that there’s a deeper problem.

Friends and family can be a great source of support, as can parents of other teenagers.

To be fair, no one has ever pretended that parenting a teenager was going to be easy.

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This is partly because your child is learning to express and test out his own independent ideas, so there will be times when you disagree.A more effective approach is to give yourself and your child some time to calm down.If you’re angry or in the middle of an argument, it will be hard to calmly discuss what you expect of your child. It might help to remind yourself that your child is trying to assert his independence.And this can sometimes lead to over-sensitivity, which can lead in turn to grumpiness or rudeness.Sometimes disrespectful behaviour might also be a sign that your child is feeling particularly stressed or worried.A more effective approach is to tell your child that you want to talk, and agree on a time. Even though you have more life experience than your child, lecturing her about how to behave is likely to turn her off listening.If you want your child to listen to you, you might need to spend time actively listening to her. It might increase your frustration, and your child will probably just switch off.Our Talking to Teens interactive guide explores some tricky parent and teenager situations.For example, you can see how different approaches to handling disrespectful teenage behaviour can get different results. When we get angry, we can say things we don’t mean.You just might need to be a little more understanding if he’s short-tempered or changeable.It can help to remember that this phase will usually pass.


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