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Theory of scarcity dating

Scarcity principle Principle | How it works | So what I want now what I may not be able to get in the future.

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'Don't you dare take those drugs' may actually be the wrong thing to say, particularly if the child has a contrarian preference.

Game theory is mainly used in economics, political science, and psychology, as well as in logic and computer science.

Originally, it addressed zero-sum games, in which one person's gains result in losses for the other participants.

Aristotle knew this too, commenting in his 'Rhetoric': 'That is why what comes to us only at long intervals is pleasant, whether it be a person or a thing; for it is a change from what we had before, and, besides, what comes only at long intervals has the value of rarity.' If you can control supply, then you have a significant lever on demand.

The De Beers company buys huge quantities of diamonds on the world market, simply to keep them scarce so that their high price is maintained.


  1. The scarcity of women. We test for these competitive effects with online dating. to settle for low-income men when the competition for high-income.

  2. The Abundance vs. Scarcity Mentality model has been used in many different fields, from economics to management and personal development. Lately, however, I started to wonder if the Internet can be illustrated with it as well. First of all we need a definition for the model, and I will borrow.

  3. Economics Is About Scarcity, Property, and Relationships. “The study of money and monetary exchange is the most applied use of economic theory. And this is to.

  4. Oct 03, 2015 No Last Minute Dates, Scarcity. Discussing Rule#7, plus Cialdini's 6 Persuasion Principles discussing Scarcity Theory as it applies to dating.

  5. Read the following threads and the Theory Reading below. Red Pill Theory Abundance Mentality Alpha vs. Scarcity Mentality Beta. I was dating a butterface.

  6. The Rule of Scarcity -- Get Anyone to Take Immediate. and C. A. Kohn, "A Commodity Theory Analysis of the Effects of Age Restrictions on Pornographic.

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