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Do-lluid Medb Chruachna ingen Echach Feidlig co Feraib Olnecmacht impi i crich Lagen co m-bertatar Ailill leo [gap: extent: 3 letters]cc[gap: extent: 3 letters] do rígu Connacht daig ba dib a máthair tre do dénam óentad eter na da coiced. Cairpre Nia Fer tra is uad do-gairther coiced Corpri. Is dia chlaind h-Úi Siláin o Thig Thin[gap: extent: 4 letters] & h-Úi Choibdelaig a Ochtar Fhine. Learn about the rich biodiversity, especially barasinghas which are unique to Kanha.Experience the thrill of spotting tigers, great gaurs and the star birds of Kanha. Et mc do-side Corpre Athem dia ta Cenel Athemna Serthenna. dia ta Beoan mc Nesain et cent[gap: extent: 2 letters] Criathar .i. Conall mc Echach Immete dano senathair h-Úa n-Garchon. Find Fili trá in tres mc Rosa Ruaid is é senathair Lagen. & is leis do-cer Eterscela Mor mc Eogain rí Muman .i. a quo Rath Núi i l-Laigis & i nh- Nuada Necht tra in cethramad mc Setnai Sithbaicc is úad atá bunad Lagen & ba ríg Temrach h-é. isin coc[gap: extent: 3 letters] mair: Find didiu m Cumaill m Trenmóir m Suaelt m Eltain m Baiscni m Nuadat Necht.

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Mes Delmond cethri mc leis: Mes Gegra & Mes Roida & Mes Dana & Mes Domnand. ro gniad mur n-Alinni quae postea fuit regalis ciuitas. The electronic edition was compiled with the kind permission of the copyright owner. lagni mara do-bertatar ina lamaib conid díb ro ainmnigthe Lagin. Galion tra & Domnand anmand sin do Lagnib amal dorimther i Táin Bó Cualngi. CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts The present text represents pages 1327–1595 of the volume. Dolluid fianlag do Gallaib la n-dalta la Labraid Longsech dochum nh-Erenn coro ortatar Dind Ríg .&cetera. Covering 750 square miles (1,945 sq km) of pristine wilderness, it is one of the largest and best-maintained national parks in India.The spectacular landscape features vast sal forests, flourishing green meadows and lush bamboo growth.The Martyrology of Tallaght and other texts, on pp 1596–1708, are omitted here. Editorial introduction and indexes have also been omitted. Text ID Number: G800011FAvailability [RESTRICTED] Available with prior consent of the CELT programme for purposes of academic research and teaching only. Names of persons (given names), and places are not tagged. dona laignib doradsatar leo dar muir anall dia lotar la Labraid Longsech Moen co Slébe Elpa sair. Copyright for the printed edition rests with the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin. Some terms for cultural and social roles are tagged; further tagging is envisaged in a future edition. Amal tancatar aridisi dochum nh-Érenn ba h-ingnad la Firu h-Erenn a n-errid & a n-airm .i. Coic rig trichat ro falnatar h-Erinn do Lagnib óta Labraid Longsech conige Nad Buidb mc Eirc Buadaig de h- Labraid Longsech Moen oenmc Ailella Ane m Loegaire Luirc m Úgaine Máir m Echach Buadaig m. Eithni ingen Oengusa Músc a máthair Messi Coirbb & Corpri Bic. Dál Corpri Longsech Bec in cethramad primshlonnad la h-Arada Cliach. Et issí ind Ethni-sin mathair in Chormaic & ind Niod Cuirb. Fothairt chetus Cenel Echach Find Fuath Airt mc Feidlimid Rechtada.


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