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While Tourette Syndrome may loom large in your mind, it might not be that big of an issue.There’s really no reason why it shouldn’t be just another thing to learn about you as you’re getting to know each other.My tics seized on this and started listing things I definitely shouldn’t say when trying to attract a boy….“Start a fire in my heart and then put it out with your piss.” “Would you like a passport picture of my mother? ” “I need you to cut up anything harder than a banana.” “I need more loving than an ostrich.” “When I grow up I want to have 18 cats.” It’s no great relief to find that my tics have a comprehensive list of things I shouldn’t say, because I know I wouldn’t be able to stop myself saying them.Brent Zillwood, 22, is one of the subjects of the new Channel 4 English documentary "The Undateables," an honest look at what it's like to date with a disability — something 70 percent of England wouldn't even consider, according to a recent survey (via Daily Mail).Zillwood's co-stars are some men and women with dwarfism, a man with Aspergers Syndrome and one with Aperts Syndrome, which causes contortion of the face.

Instead of hoping for a cure, the Tourette Association of America suggests that people with the syndrome "get it out of the way early," when it comes to dating.

” “I like cantaloupe melons on my tits.” “I insist on paying half of all fractions.” “I’m very bad at adultery.” “Don’t say I love you. But I’m pleased to announce that Zoë and I have now struck a deal.

We’re going to team up when we’re meeting new people.

Talk to a doctor or therapist who knows TS well about how to do this (basically, it involves finding an alternative behavior that satisfies the same urge).

For example: say you have a nose-picking tic — there might be something else you could do with your finger when that urge comes on.


  1. Look through the listings of Male singles here at Tourette's Dating that are tagged with General. Talking to other singles that have similar interests is an ideal way to come up with ideas to do on a first date.

  2. How Damian Friel, who has Tourette’s, navigates a first date.

  3. Tourettes dating website - Statshow is a cure for this site's users. Sub-Clinical epileptic seizures choose all the benefits of mtv s syndrome.

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