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Tragic tale of teen dating violence

She graduated high school a year early, took online courses at a local community college, and held two jobs, one reportedly at Disney World, the other in a shoe store. He relationship with her mother became increasingly tempestuous. For a time, Alex lived with Brandon in his mother’s house.

She was with him in his silver 2003 Isuzu Rodeo on February 24, when he was stopped for a broken taillight.

He and Alex had apparently been seeing each other for at least several months at the time of that arrest.

A letter that seems to have been written by her to him when she was 15 is described by police as “sexual in nature.”However bad an influence Brandon may or may not have been, Alex seemed to stay on track for a time.

Her father ran a lawn service, and Brandon would tag along with him as he mowed, clearly very attached to him until his death in 2012.

Brandon was charged with felony assault, but the outcome is unclear as the case was heard in juvenile court, where records are sealed.

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Healthy relationships mean both partners feel accepted, valued, and whole.That dark missive, along with a reference that Alex made in a note to past talk of suicide, led police to classify them as “missing/endangered” when they ran off together.But their subsequent behavior suggests they were still imagining themselves starting a new life right out of their shared dreams.Each partner should respect the others’ choices and decisions and support them in achieving their own goals and interests.A healthy partner asks for consent and is OK when the answer is “no.” These are messages that are not heard, seen, or practiced often enough.Young people and children may not recognize the warning signs of a potentially abusive personality or be aware that a break up is when violence can escalate.The script of femininity coaches girls to cater to the needs of people and society around them, especially a romantic partner.One of Brandon’s letters show that he shared this hope and spoke of them sailing off together to live in a beachfront cottage.But in a farewell letter to his parents, he seems to have despaired at least for the moment, seeming to say that he would at least find happiness by dying with the woman he loved.Young people need help in identifying their feelings, communicating assertively, and asking for help when they are overwhelmed.Adult allies can be found wherever teens are: a school counselor, a kind teacher, a dedicated coach, a youth pastor, a beloved relative.


  1. Heather's Voice aims to educate teens about dating violence and domestic abuse.

  2. Feb 9, 2018. In Parkland, Florida, a catastrophe – another disastrous school shooting, another young man with violent tendencies, another teen with access to a gun. The 19-year-old. Last month in Italy, Texas, the story behind the shooting appeared to be one of anger, jealousy, and a lack of support. The shooter, a.

  3. Mar 30, 2014. Florida teens Brandon Goode and Alex Hollinghurst were madly in love, and wanted to run away together. The modern American tale of Alex and her Brandon went from tragedy to unredeeming horror when it culminated in the murder of a police officer who had his own hopes of marrying and starting a.

  4. Tragic Tale of Teen Dating Violence. "20/20" reported a disturbing story on teen-dating violence, April 5, 2005. The story was so powerful we wanted to air it again with updates. Here you'll see the positive reaction of one mother to a. CLICK HERE.

  5. Sep 16, 2016. While the Grosmaire and McBride families have a poignant message of forgiveness and love to share, I cannot overlook that this story is also about teen dating violence. Ann Grosmaire died on Good Friday, April 2, 2010, five days after Conor McBride shot her during a prolonged argument at his parents'.

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