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Turkey dating customs

It has a moderate climate, rich soil, and extensive coastlines.

Mersin is an important seaport and oilrefining center.Thus, many western Black Sea men sought work outside the region in the navy and merchant marine or in major cities, later returning home to retire.While the men worked away, the women kept up the home, farmed the land, and cared for the livestock.Historically, its people engaged predominantly in animal husbandry, especially transhumant nomadism with herds of sheep, cattle, and goats.A tribal social organization survived longer in this area among the Turkish and Kurdish peoples.Izmir is the region's major commercial and industrial center; it is the third largest city and second major port.The Marmara–Istanbul region, a crossroads of Europe and Asia, is the most densely settled, commercial, industrial, and touristic region.Villagers engage in animal husbandry and cultivate wheat, barley, and sugar beets.Areas unsuited for cultivation are used to graze large herds of sheep, cattle, and goats.Eastern Anatolia is the most mountainous, remote, undeveloped, and sparsely populated region.Its elevation and cold temperatures make it less suitable for crop cultivation than the rest of Anatolia.


  1. One part of Turkish culture is social traditions that include hos geldiniz. So that is your quick introduction to social customs in Turkey.

  2. Turkey is a country straight in the middle of east and West so there are cultural impacts. Turkish dating culture is in the same situation. There are liberal and.

  3. I'm considering going to grad school in Turkey, and will be there for three years, and I'm currently single and was just wondering about dating over.

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