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Twitter not updating facebook page

At the top of your page you will see a navigation menu.

It links to various settings and statistical pages.

If you manage pages, the only way to disable your personal Facebook account is to create a second Facebook account and migrate all pages to that account. The box for “Brand or product” allows you to select website as your purpose.

Other options, such as causes, allow you to control whether the group is available to everyone or if it is closed.

Publishing updates to your page works in the same way as publishing a message to your friends.

It also has an extra feature that lets you schedule posts for a specific time and date. Creating a Facebook page is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete.

The distinctive difference between Facebook personal and fan page is to separate private lives from business ventures.You can also add other people as managers, content creators, moderators and advertisers.Insight analysts can see statistics about your page.It also lets you login as your page; which allows you to like pages and publish comments on Facebook as your page (i.e. By default, you will be set as a manager of your Facebook page.This allows you to change your page settings and update your page as you see fit.Alternatively, you could hire a designer to create something unique.As you can see, the simple act of uploading a cover photo makes your Facebook page look much better.On January 29, Facebook published their fourth quarter and full year results for 2013.The report highlighted a number of interesting statistics such as: There have been lots of news reports over the last six months that Facebook could lose 80% of its users by 2017.It is common for website owners to display their website URL in the description as well to increase clicks to their website.You also need to agree to a disclaimer that you are authorised and an official representative of your website.


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