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That’s the proof that the battery can no longer power the device up without the aid of its power adapter.

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However, if the problem was fixed in safe mode, then it must be your third-party apps or one of them that’s causing the problem.When I try to reset the phone, it goes into the android picture screen and says “downloading please do not turn off” – however it would never turn on.The only way to reset the phone and turn it on was to hold down the power, home and volume down key.It might be difficult to find the culprit especially if you have a lot of apps installed. Phone still crash and hangs, but much less than with 5.1.1.So, your best bet is still the master reset and try to be mindful of the apps when you install them to know which among them are causing the freezes. BUT it has crashed at least 2 times while unable to reboot (and showing the Could not normal boot ddi:mmc_read failed) …and I get over it by booting in download mode, press up to restart the phone, then it starts normally.Here’s how you do the master reset: Official 5.1.1 update broke the phone. I just want to have and idea what could cause this? Answer: No one knows for sure what the cause of the MMC read failure is but it seems to be so common especially with Sprint variants.So, I’m thinking that it’s not the firmware that has an issue but the hardware itself. I’m glad you found a way to work around the issue but sad to say that neither Samsung nor your provider can help you fix it.I did the update on my phone and after it rebooted itself it everything else worked but my contacts wont download and i can’t send or receive picture messages, I took my phone to the T-Mobile store and they told me it wasn’t a service issue that it was possibly because of the update.Troubleshooting: When you said that the contacts won’t download I assume you’re seeing the message “Updating contact list…” and that you left the phone for several minutes to a few hours already.Sometimes it would reset itself, and other times I would have to remove the battery to force reset.Over the past few days, the problem with the phone freezing has gotten worse, happening almost every time I open any app.


  1. S3 إذهب للإعدادت ثم قائمة General ثم Application.

  2. There's this one common problem with the Samsung Galaxy S5 that occurs after the lollipop update. It involves your contacts disappearing with the notice.

  3. Are you one of the #Samsung Galaxy #Note4 owners that’s seeing the message “Updating contact list” after you updated your phone to Android 5.1.1 #.

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