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Sometimes it would reset itself, and other times I would have to remove the battery to force reset.Over the past few days, the problem with the phone freezing has gotten worse, happening almost every time I open any app.After you remove it from the charger it works as long as you do not use it.When you start using it and want to do something with it, it starts restarting again.

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Eventually I managed to turn it back on using the previous method, however nothing was working so I did a factory reset (backed up all apps and settings and restored after the back up).

Basically, it has something to do with the sync, so I want you to try this first: Yesterday I updated the software to the latest version 5.1.1 and since then when I go to contacts it only shows the message “updating contact list” and also my battery is running out very quickly ( I guess because the phone us trying to update the contact list all the time).

I have tried all the recommendations from your article without success. Contacts and call log keeps displaying updating contact list with a loading circle it’s been over 3 days.

Problem: I recently changed my battery (purchased from Samsung – genuine part) as the phone was dying at 40%.

Began fine, however after a month or so, my phone began freezing on certain apps.


  1. There's this one common problem with the Samsung Galaxy S5 that occurs after the lollipop update. It involves your contacts disappearing with the notice.

  2. If you are the one among them who are facing contacts app updating problem on Samsung galaxy S3, then you can follow the below steps to solve the issue.

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