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Updating firmware for dell equallogic ps series storage arrays

Inspired by users, the advanced software features built into the Equal Logic PS Series enable organizations of all sizes to implement high-end storage solutions without additional licensing fees.

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Peer Storage Architecture"Peer" describes the collaboration and equal partnership of a single, simple architecture.

Virtual Volumes Support:v Sphere Virtual Volumes solution with Dell Equal Logic PS Series can make operations like single VM snapshot-restores nearly instantaneous.

It transforms the PS Series from a LUN-centric to a truly VM-aware storage solution by providing data services and data placement at the VM-level.

Synchronous Replication (Sync Rep) maintains two identical copies of a volume in two different storage pools within the same PS Series group for real-time data protection and assurance that a viable, hardware-independent copy of the volume is always available.

Access Control Policies enable or restrict host access to volumes and storage objects and allow users to set and reuse policies.


  1. This article will deal with updating the firmware on Dell Equallogic PS Series iSCSI SAN Arrays and other necessary components.

  2. Hi! I have a Dell Array, Equal Logic PS 4100E. I need to upgrade its firmware. Currently Im running Firmware V5.1.1. I read this "Updating Firmware for Dell EqualLogic PS Series Storage

  3. EqualLogic Firmware EqualLogic Firmware is a SAN operating system that's integrated across the entire family of PS Series arrays. Its unique peer storage architecture helps deliver

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