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Updating fta receiver

E08 mandatory E08 CA Module failure The IRD has requested the CAM to descramble more services simultaneously than the CAM can handle. E10 mandatory E10 PMT format error or E10 Service Define format error PMT format error (srvstatus = 8 for Soft Cell up to 2.15) or Service Define format Error (srvstatus = 8 for Soft Cell 2.21A and higher) E11 depreciated E11 Updating CAM EEPROM Updating CAM EERPOM (srvstatus = 7) E12 mandatory E12 CA Module failure Soft Cell needs more key space to process this stream (too many ECM streams).

E13 mandatory E13 CA Module failure Soft Cell has reached the limit of its stream capability.

or The viewer is not entitled to watch this service because the smartcard is rejected by the smartcard Marriage function (Soft Cell 2.12 and higher).The comms between the smartcard and CAM has failed.It is likely that the cause of this is a faulty smartcard.In case the card belongs to a secondary operator, this status also implies that it’s not blocked by business rule.- At recording, the connected DVB Descramble Service, whose service handle is passed in the resource define, can’t find a card to do descramble which is supposed to do the recording too (except for FTA program for which card is selected by DRM service directly.); At playback, no information of the Smart Card which was used during recording can be found as the targeted Smart Card for playback (except for legacy recordings, for which primary card is assumed to be the card for playback).STB Error Code List Error Code Note SCREEN TEXT DESCRIPTION E00 mandatory E00 Service not scrambled The currently watched service is not scrambled.E21 mandatory E21 Service is currently scrambled The viewer is not entitled to watch this service due to a user filter imposed by the headend.E22 mandatory E22 Event Purchased The current event of the currently watched service is an IPPV event, and it has been purchased.The IRD must try to lock on the same service on the new frequency, if the service is not found, continue cycling.Occurs when there is an attempt to tune the front-end to a frequency outside the capability of the IRD.If the smartcard is inserted up side down, it is possible that the smartcard driver detects this very quickly.In this case, and all other cases in which the driver decides on a Card Error very quickly, it is possible that the “E05 Unknown Smartcard” follows the “E04 Please insert Smartcard” immediately. (srvstatus = 4) E09 mandatory E09 CA Module failure The CAM EEPROM is faulty.


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