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Updating opensuse 11 to 11 1

Most notably it damaged the Grub install resulting in a non-booting system.I have repaired this from the rescue console from CD using grub-install Besides of that there's no repair system anymore on the 11.3 install DVD, no Sax2, and no support for fglrx-drivers without some hacking. I would like to know if i can upgrade it to open SUSE 11.3 by changing the 11.2 repos to 11.3 repos and then doing a "zypper dup" or do i really have to download the ISO and do an upgrade. I really liked the fact that i had to restart the system only once (due to the kernel upgrade) and the fact that i dint have to burn another single use DVD.The open SUSE 13.2 stable version is out few days ago.For more details, read the open SUSE 13.2 release announcement and new features of 13.2 here.Close as many applications and unneeded services as possible and log out all regular users.Disable third party or open SUSE Build Server repositories before starting the upgrade, or lower the priority of these repositories to make sure packages from the default system repositories will get preference.Use the Ya ST software management tool to update packages as described in Section 5.0, Installing or Removing Software.Select components from the Ya ST package selection list according to your needs.

The one time that I have tried the upgrade route was the one that gave me the largest number of minor irritations to sort out later and decisively lost me time overall. Its pretty stable except for the minor issues that the method is known to cause.

zypper will issue a warning if you specify an alias that is already in use.

Using the zypper shell is usually faster, because all the relevant data stays in memory. This means that you can use all the command line editing functions in the zypper shell that are also available in the Bash shell.

# | Enabled | Refresh | Type | Alias | Name -- --------- --------- ------- ------------------- ------------------- 1 | Yes | Yes | yast2 | open SUSE-DVD 11.0 | open SUSE-DVD 11.0 2 | Yes | No | yast2 | Main (OSS) | Main (OSS) 3 | Yes | No | yast2 | Main (Non-OSS) | Main (Non-OSS) a shorthand and a unique identifier of the repository.

You can freely choose it, with the only exception that is has to be unique.


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