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Updating operating system on iphone 3

In general, the keyboard is quite good, and obviously claims to be the most favorite among similar apps in the App Store. It is quite an attractive keyboard, but with no support of the Russian language, at least at the moment.Another minus it provides only two covers, dark and light. The main advantage is of course Swift Key Flow, or swype.It is convenient when using multiple devices, including various "axes". After Keyboards possibilities, wed like to try out something new, lets see if Go Keyboard can offer it. There are three of them, and the best ones interface seems to have been copied from the native i OS.There is also a option of using your images as a background.Judging from our own experience with the keyboards, we could note that the mere presence of this line predetermined the choice of the apps. The keyboard settings can be shown by pressing the button with a special icon.A very useful feature is keyboards height adjustment, separately for portrait and landscape modes.

Besides, the keyboard offers using "cloud" services Swift Key Cloud for storing the settings and the users dictionary.Practically in every i OS 8 review the possibility of installing third-party keyboards is mentioned.We were not the exception, but decided to move slightly further, and to prepare some special material about new apps.And further we will talk about nine third-party keyboards for i OS 8.The tenth one is a native keyboard presented in the system initially.We will not complain about the small screen size (and as a consequence - an awkward use of input method swype). Language switching (to be exact the Russian and English keyboard) is performed by touching the image of "Globe" (hereinafter - the "Globe").For this purpose both languages should be selected in the phone settings (Settings Proposed keyboards).Those who are used to a faster "Globe" may dislike this option. The range of settings is very limited: language selection, word-prediction, auto-capitalization, keypress sound. Overall, so far its difficult to name the reason why GO Keyboard could be distinguished among the others. The keyboard Touch Pal, unlike the previous app, is supplied much better.It provides swype, additional characters, and various other options.In comparison with the native keyboard, third-party ones have some advantages: new options, inputting of the text by sliding your finger, saving the settings in the "cloud", a whole bunch of covers, and of course additional characters.Besides, the majority of the reviewed apps offer a cover in the i OS style, so that there are no visible distinctions.


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