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Updating sky box

I exfilled the whole filesystem and have been poking through it - looks like all the useful information is in a few sqlite tables, it’s possible to do, well, just about everything from this access, as you could imagine…" I’v got most stuff working via my zwave stick but my ultmate goal is to figure out how to get root on the 2GIG (or Vivint) pane I and find a way to tie it into Open HAB.

I have a full time Job and family so progress is slow.

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The hard part -- choosing an advertisement that matches the content and displaying that ad -- is done by Google. A widget can be anything from a voting poll to a weather forecast to a list of current headlines to a crossword puzzle.(If they ever show up I’ll haply hand them the old gear.) Meantime some coworkers handed me some of their old equipment, most of which pares to a 2gig control panel (2gig-cp21-345e). I have setup the server and started customizing, but am waiting for my zwave stick. if I pair the equipment to the control panel, can I still control them and get readings via my soon to arrive zwave stick? Is there anyone with experience paring to the control panel? However, if you can integrate OH with the Panel itself you don’t need the USB zwave controller.You can just get data from and command them through the panel. The device does have what looks to be a jtag interface, but the references on the web point to it for updating the firmware. Running ESX on a latitude laptop that lost its monitor.Email me if you get stuck, I’ll dig my 2gig back out and and see what it can do. Depending on the texture size and the number of vertices in the processed meshes the execution time of the script may vary from a fraction of a second up to several minutes.The normal vector of each plane should be pointed in the direction.Every element can slide across the screen in relation to camera rotation with the sole exception being the central plane (bright white “star” on the picture above).Hi Keith, so this is what i have figured out so far for integration.Both my 2gig and vivant control panels have 1 or 2 alarm out contacts on the back of the panel.I realized that after everything was installed there was not much to customize, …enter Opeh HAB. I.: my familiarity with Open HAB is currently pretty low but feel free to get technical. Typically these devices support one primary controller at a time.The installers never uninstalled the old gear which is all zwave, with some devices that may be propitiatory to Vivint. I’ll try and post my results once I’ve made progress. There are such things as secondary controllers but I don’t really know how all of that works.


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