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Before we get into the details of the bulk load methods, we will provide some background information on “minimal logging” in general.The next two sections: “Bulk Load Methods” and “Other Minimally Logged and Metadata Operations” provide an overview of two key and interrelated concepts for high-speed data loading: bulk loading and metadata operations.This means that for some tables, you may still get some fully logged inserts.If trace flag 610 causes minimal logging to occur, you should generally see a performance improvement.Because much less information is tracked in the transaction log, a minimally logged operation is often faster than a fully logged operation if logging is the bottleneck.

Example 2: Consider an alternative scenario: The table initially now has two pages, both full, containing the key values 0-7. Figure 2: A minimally logged insert under trace flag 610 In this example, the pages holding key values 8-15 (in light blue above) will be minimally logged with trace flag 610.The section “Bulk Load, NOLOCK Queries, and Read Committed Snapshot Isolation” describes methods you can use to achieve concurrent loading and reading.This white paper concludes with troubleshooting hints in “Optimizing Bulk Load”.For more information about the implications, see Backup Under the Bulk-Logged Recovery Model (SQL Server 2008 introduces trace flag 610, which controls minimally logged inserts into indexed tables.Minimal logging typically provides an extra speed benefit, but even without the minimal logging, bulk load has less overhead than traditional row by row inserting of data.Contrary to the SQL Server myths, a minimally logged operation participate in a transaction.The trace flag can be turned on by using one of the following methods; Before you start using this trace flag, be aware of the limitation described in the previous section.Not every row inserted in a cluster index with trace flag 610 is minimally logged.Because all changes in allocation structures are tracked, it is possible to roll back minimally logged operations.Minimally logged operations are available only if your database is in bulk-logged or simple recovery mode.


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