Updating the adm files

With the software installation extension of GPO, you can provide on-demand software installation and automatic repair of applications.

When you need to further configure applications after deployment, you can use ADM templates to propagate the requisite settings across your organization.

These are similar to the files in the Policy Definitions folder under the Windows directory.And if they do, how would I go about crafting an ADMX file to edit a single Group Policy setting?In particular I'm trying to set the following policy to "disabled" (programmatically): Your conception is incorrect.DC 2017 (Classic track only) If you’ve used the Wizard to create a transform MST file for a custom installation, you apply that MST while installing the application during deployment of the GPO package.At a high level, the steps include: The GPO must be propagated to the Active Directory Global Catalog and then to the individual computers.The Windows Server Group Policy Objects (GPO) and the Active Directory services infrastructure enables IT to automate one-to-many management of computers.Administrators can implement security settings, enforce IT policies, and distribute software across a range of organizational units.They define the settings that be managed, not the settings themselves.These settings amount to registry values which are automatically added to the client computer's (or user profile's) registry by the Administrative Templates Client Side Extension (CSE) when the client computer processes Group Policy. Rather, I think you just want to set a particular registry value in the same way that the CSE would set it.Family ID=0A6D4C24-8CBD-4B35-9272-DD3CBFC81887&displaylang=en. Adobe provides two starter templates for Acrobat and Reader.These templates contain a few of the most important settings, but you can use the Preference Reference to extend them further.


  1. Dec 26, 2013 How to Update Group Policy Templates. However this is applicable to custom templates only since there is admx files available for all default adm files.

  2. Oct 24, 2017 This article describes how to create a Central Store on a domain. Templates files. The ADM folder. Updating the Administrative Templates files

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