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User control not updating on postback

To unblock a file, right click on it, and select properties, and then select the ‘unblock’ button.

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NET Javascript methode "Web Form_Auto Focus(...)" is not execute after a partial page update, so you can't use the built in function Set Focus(client ID) in the codebhind class.

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Hi, I'm running some server code that generates a bunch of status lines to the user. :) Hello I'm having a somewhat odd issue, I'll do my best to explain it.The Update Progress loading notification appears on the first postback but not on the second, even though both of them function correctly.The buttons that trigger both postbacks are async postback triggers in the update panel, and both are inside the Content Template.It looks like your page load is running the initialization for every postback, when you only want to run it on the initial load.Try this modification: Now what happens is that when a Post Back happens, it will not run the initialization code and it will continue on to your button click event where you can update the value of the your textbox.It's not a huge problem, but it causes some confusion, has anybody ever seen this issue before?Thanks I am updating a label as part of an imagelabel click using an update panel as this process can take some time.I like his solution because this 1 script will work with all Update Panels so you don't have to write code specifically for each and every Update Panel.My modifications are: Ohh Ok The problem is that the ASP.This would then postback after the first page and of course there are no changes to the data as it's just been reloaded from the database......could this just be an IE bug, or something else again... Hello, When the parent webform is postback, its child webform (in i Frame) wouldn't be post back, it only be reloaded.


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