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Validating two usercontrols

It possesses the same constituent controls as its parent control, but the properties of the constituent controls will not be available unless they were specifically exposed.You may add to the graphical interface of an inherited composite control in the same manner as you would add to any composite control.Test your control's run-time behavior and exercise its properties with the User Control Test Container.For more information, see How to: Test the Run-Time Behavior of a User Control.One annoying task that most every developer has had to face in the past is form validation.Since forms are an integral part of dynamic, data-driven Web sites, it is essential that a user's query into a form fit the specified guidelines.The process of deriving a class from a base class is called by overriding parent methods and adding new methods and properties.The first step in creating an inherited control is to derive it from its parent.

By overriding the : Press F5 to build the project and run your control in the User Control Test Container.

To continue adding to your alarm clock's visual interface, you will add a label control that will flash when the alarm is sounding.

In the previous procedures, you added properties and a control that will enable alarm functionality in your composite control.

This action creates a new control that has all of the properties, methods, and graphical characteristics of the parent control, but can also act as a base for the addition of new or modified functionality.

Your inherited control has a visual interface that is identical to the control it inherits from.


  1. I have two UserControls I am using in a form. These are each also used separately in two other forms. Each UserControl has an entry form with its own validation.

  2. Validating Control Data by Restricting Focus. include two ampersands. If the command button is the default command button for the form.

  3. User Input Validation in Windows Forms. 03/30/2017;. Each control that accepts free-form user input has a Validating event that will occur whenever the control.

  4. Learn to create a Windows Form User Control;. You must input two letters. Now we will write an event procedure that responds to the Validating event of the.

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