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Maybe it does suggest that we mustn't trust our intuition, or our "gut feeling." That's just our brain guessing at what's coming.So if all my life I'm told that going to the temple is an incredibly peaceful experience and you're gonna feel God's love blah blah blah, then when you finally go to the temple your brain could be anticipating those feelings and producing those feelings.Known mostly for their various insulation applications including fiberglass, spray foam and cellulose, Masco Contractor services also provides additional products and home improvement services such as gutters, garage doors, fireplaces, shelving and storage systems, shower enclosures, bathroom hardware and vanity mirrors.

I was hoping I would make a stronger connection between this information and how it discredits spiritual feelings of religious conviction but it doesn't really.

A second source tried to cool the report down a bit by noting it's casual.

“They are friendly, but are not in a relationship.” Overstreet and Watson's reps did not comment on the report to Page Six.

The podcast touched on how babies, according to various brain activity analysis, don't feel emotion the same way adults do.

Their brains are incapable at that stage of development to produce complex emotions so their feelings are believed to be extremely basic and pure. They used to think there were universal facial expressions for all emotions but we're finding out that that's not true at all. Well, no again, because heart rate can go up when you're happy or angry or frustrated or aroused.


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