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My personal phone on the other hand freezes every night when I charge it (meaning I don't get any alarms in the morning!! However, the real problem child is my mum's 1020 (64GB in yellow).

That was rock solid until the WP8.1 update, and has been a nightmare ever since!

Some owners began receiving the Android 8.0 update last week, and now that Verizon has posted its changelog for the update, we should see more Moto Z2 Force owners receiving their Oreo treat.

These updates are all rolling out over the air, which means you should see your phone's update in the coming days if you haven't already.

Updated In less-than-pleasing news for Microsoft, a massive thread of Windows Phone moans is growing on its forums.All four phones are now more than two years old, so it's great to see Verizon and Samsung continue to work to keep them secure.Meanwhile, the LG G5 is being updated with the November 6, 2017 Android security patches and the App Flash app.Perspective is also important; only a minority of Lumia devices are affected and the current models generally seem to be fine.Devices under warranty are replaced or a repair is attempted, though it seems that often a software reset is applied – which fails to fix the issue, to the frustration of customers.In fact, according to Droid-life, some Verizon Galaxy S8 owners have already received the update.Reportedly, the new software build that Verizon's Galaxy S8 is receiving is G950USQU2BQK5, while the new build number for the Galaxy S8 is G955USQU2BQK5 - as the screenshot on the left is showing.Phones affected included some but not all 1020 devices – once the flagship Windows Phone and still the one with highest resolution camera.A freezing phone is not much use, since incoming calls may not be received and reminders do not fire.This is normally the precursor to the phone freezing fully...As things stand, my mum's phone is basically a paperweight that requires hard resets (volume/power for 10 seconds) at least 3 times a day.


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  4. To update a Verizon phone, the star symbol followed by the number 228 should be dialed from a Verizon phone. When prompted, choose the second option, after.

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